Forbes Cloud 100: Here Are The Top 10 Private Companies Leading Cloud Computing In 2016

Forbes recently released their first-ever Forbes Cloud 100 for 2016. The list of top private cloud companies were chosen for their “financial health and growth of their business alongside exceptional qualitative factors such as unprecedented customer adoption and satisfaction.” We’re proud to say we’ve worked with almost all of these top cloud apps to help people get productive and automate their daily work. Here are the Forbes top 10 in the Cloud 100 and how you can automate them into your workflow.

1. Slack
Slack leads the pack with 3 million users and a $3.8 billion valuation. Not only does integrating Slack with your apps like Jira, Github, Trello and more make team communication easier, but you can also make it into the hub for all work activity. Here at Workato, we’ve been working with the Slack team to add messaging buttons to our bot – Workbot for Slack. The result is a totally streamlined user experience, allowing you to do work in your apps like add new leads to Salesforce or create a new card in Trello straight from Slack with the click of a button. Slack no doubt deserves the #1 slot, and we see it playing a big role in the future of work.

2. Dropbox
Coming in 2nd is file sharing app Dropbox. Dropbox can be a powerful tool when integrating your workflow with legacy apps or any CSV file uploads. The cloud app for enterprise service management, ServiceNow takes full advantage of this trick using Workato and Dropbox. This Workato integration brings in asset information (all servers, desktops, routers, etc.) from the CMDB (configuration management database) into ServiceNow, which allows tickets to be filed against those assets.

3. DocuSign
DocuSign moves contracts off of paper and securely online with Forbes placing them in the 3rd slot. This move allows contracts to become part of your automated workflow meaning you can send, file, and follow up with a contract automatically making you more mobile and productive. We recently partnered with DocuSign for a joint webinar on how to automate your partner program.

Workhack: Close A Deal And Follow Up With A Single Action on DocuSign’s Blog >

4. Stripe
We use Stripe internally to process payments and have it fully integrated with the other apps we use like Slack and Salesforce. Many nonprofits use it for donations and need it to match against Salesforce or their accounting software like QuickBooks. Automating this work is key for smooth financial transactions.

5. Cloudera
Data Management Shop Cloudera comes in at number 5. Like Workato, it was formed by a former Oracle executive but provides Apache Hadoop-based software.

6. SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey, a leading survey platform, clocks in at number 6. Automating surveys into your workflow is important, but keeping the results automatically sorted so they can be analyzed and incite real change is even more important. Adding surveys into your workflow can even streamline quick hiring practices.

7. MailChimp
MailChimp makes it easy to design dynamic promotional emails and newsletters with Forbes placing it at number 7. You can streamline marketing efforts by creating a new contact in MailChimp automatically when a new lead gets created in your CRM or someone registers on Eventbrite. If you want to increase MailChimp’s capabilities, integration can create an effective drip marketing funnel.

8. Squarespace
Squarespace helps you build beautiful websites. Whatever apps you use to run your process, integrating them will eliminate manual data entry, streamline lead gathering, and save you time.

9. AppDynamics
AppDynamics monitors and manages your apps. Forbes placed it in the number 9 slot!

10. Adyen
Rounding out the top 10, Adyen makes payments easier. They achieved a valuation of $2.3 billion, making it the 6th largest European unicorn.

Are you surprised by any of Forbes selections? Let us know in the comments or head to Workato to view the hundreds of apps you can integrate into your workflow >