FAQ’s For ItDuzzIt Customers and Consultants from Workato’s VP of Business Development

It was announced today the discontinuation of itDuzzit as a separate, standalone integration product. The Workato team has been working with the itDuzzit team to help prepare for transitioning itDuzzit customers to Workato and we would like to extend a warm welcome to all ItDuzzit customers and consultants!

To help you with your transitioning process:

Learn more about Workato and how we can help you at our itDuzzit transition site.

So, why is Workato the right choice for you? Workato gives you the same great features that ItDuzzit did: the ability to easily create advanced integrations with complex rule conditions and looping, bi-directional syncs, powerful transformations, duplicate filtering, workflow automation and more. If you’re still not convinced, our VP of Business Development, Markus Zirn, answers some frequently asked questions about Workato and our integration capabilities.

Workato sounds great, but what about the other integrations out there for itDuzzit users?

Of course there are many other products which also offer multi-step business logic and programmatic decision logic, however these options need to be compared carefully. If you or your clients ever want to take more than just ONE action based on a condition then, simply put, Workato is your only choice. Other products only allow a chain of single steps. No branches with multiple steps. No nested conditions. No loops. I’m guessing these single step chains won’t be fun to design nor to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

Let’s talk about prices.

I advise that people take a close look at the pricing metrics of each service. At Workato, we count transactions. Whether your workflow has 10 steps or 50 steps, it counts as only 1 transaction. In contrast, other products count tasks, meaning every single step individually counts towards your total. Based on our customer data, a typical Workato transaction has about 10 tasks. So 5000 Workato transactions equates to around 50,000 tasks in other products. With other integration options you will run out of tasks very quickly if you use any advanced integrations!

Workato says no coding, so how does it work?

Workato’s main goal is to allow non-programmers to build powerful integrations. Other products that claim similar aspirations allow you to code tasks with Javascript. This is neat for programmers, but wasn’t the whole point to help NON-programmers and less technical people to connect their apps?

That’s why customizing your integrations on Workato is like a simple data mapping exercise. If you are an Excel power user, you can use Workato. Rule conditions and loops are like Excel macros. Data mappings and transformations use Excel-like formulas, with support for over 300 functions. Your choice: Excel-like formulas in Workato or Javascript code in other products.

Does Workato support the apps I use? Don’t other products support more apps?

I’m happy to say that Workato’s brand new Universal Connector Kit makes this question a non issue. You’re no longer limited to only the 140 apps that Workato supports directly. A third party can now configure a new Workato connector for any app with a proper REST API. Exciting!

How About Quickbase specifically?

We understand that many of you use ItDuzzIt to integrate with Quickbase. We’ve been working with the Quickbase product team directly and are excited to announce that a robust Quickbase connector for Workato will be available shortly. In fact, you can immediately integrate with Quickbase using our Beta connector until the official launch. Contact us if you want to check it out.

Workato will also sponsor the upcoming Quickbase Empower conference. There will be a session on Workato jointly presented with the Quickbase product team and we hope to see you there!

What else can you do with Workato?

There are many other cool Workato features that might come in handy:

  • Bi-directional updates.
  • Automatic detection and removal of app generated data duplicates.
  • Inspect, fix and re-run failed transactions with ease.
  • Create workflows with human approval and data input steps.
  • Create long-running processes with Wait command.
  • Use Workbot to chat with your apps from Slack via Workato recipes.
    AKA get smarter notifications and perform tasks across your apps without ever leaving Slack’s chat. Take a look, it’s an amazing productivity boost!

If you’re a Consultant, there’s more for you:

  • Workato offers a re-seller program.
  • You’ll get an administration console to monitor and troubleshoot all your clients from one location.
  • You can package up multiple Workato recipes into an Integration App to simplify your clients’ user experience.

I hope I piqued your interest and sharpened your senses when it comes to choosing your new cloud integration and automation platform. See you at the webinars for all ItDuzzit customer and consultants!

Thanks Markus!

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