Our Automation Accelerators are coming to our Embedded Platform! Here’s how they can help supercharge your product

Autonomous operations framework for embedded

We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out our Automation Accelerators to our Embedded Platform—starting with our Autonomous Operations Framework (AOF) Accelerator.

Before explaining how our AOF works, let’s revisit the concept of Automation Accelerators. 

Simply put, they’re pre-packaged, common workflows that offer best practice logic and construction. Businesses can customize and configure them to meet their unique needs. 

A visual of the different assets that come in an Automation Accelerator

To give you a sense of the solutions they can address, here are the Accelerators we’ve already launched.

A screenshot of Workato's entire library of Accelerators

Can Accelerators make a difference for embedded partners and customers?

You might be asking yourself: If Accelerators are already available, why do we need ones that are specific to the embedded business?

It’s largely because Workato’s implementations for embedded clients differ from direct clients, both in terms of operations and licensing. This applies to the following (among other) areas:

The activities that look different among Workato's embedded clients and direct clients

Moreover, Accelerators can offer embedded partners the same benefits as direct partners; the former can avoid creating their own solutions to manage operational activities, either with the Workato Embedded API or third party tools—saving them time and money.

Automating operations with AOF for embedded

 AOF is a common framework to simplify and standardize error handling and automated recovery and monitoring for all customer workspaces. It ultimately allows you to onboard customers faster, and it minimizes the amount of manual effort involved in carrying out your operational activities.

Overview of AOF for embedded
       Overview of AOF for embedded

It addresses the following operational activities:

A breakdown of the operational activities that the AOF for embedded can address

Error monitoring and handling

Error monitoring can be quite manual and time consuming if the partner has to login to customer accounts to find and retry errors. Using our AOF Accelerator, they no longer need to, as they can receive error notifications and retry any automation automatically.

Usage monitoring

Underutilization alerts can help the partner take corrective action and control customer churn, while overutilization alerts can help the partner take preventive action.

Proactive notifications

These are usage pattern-type notifications; they’re based on a defined time window to take corrective action in order to deliver the desired customer experience. These alerts are based on Workato’s log streaming feature, and they can be turned off if desired/required.

Finally, here’s why this Accelerator is relevant to all embedded customers:

  • Multiple installation modes to choose from, depending on partner preference and availability of add-ons
  • Automatic installation of AOF components/configurations in end-customer workspaces
  • Multiple error storage options available, and major SQL databases are included 
  • Customizable error notifications/actions 

We’ll be releasing a course on this Accelerator soon via our academy, but in the meantime, we’d welcome any feedback or suggestions. Also, if you’d like to request a demo on this Accelerator, you can reach out to your CSM or email us at accelerators.feedback@workato.com.