6 New Features at Workato: November Product Updates

We’re always working to improve Workato to make sure it’s the most flexible and user friendly integration service on the market. Here are our new features for this November:

1. WorkHack: How To Close a Deal and Follow Up In a Single Action

flowchart-02_720Tired of forgetting to follow up after a contract or document gets signed? We wrote a WorkHack for our friends over at DocuSign. Here’s how you can close a deal and follow up with only one action. Read Here >


2. Formula Mode in Conditional Actions

We’ve added the ability to create formulas in conditional actions as well!

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This enhances the validation component of recipe building by allowing you to work with data pills at a much deeper level.


3. Multiple ‘If’ conditions, all in a single step

Drowning with the many lines of conditional actions? We hear you! We’ve now made it really easy for you to group multiple conditions together in a single action. Simply select “AND” or “OR” to get going!



4. Google Mail Label and ID Pick List

Google Mail integrations just got smarter. Now, you can select and filter emails with a specific label.


Furthermore, we’ve added a pick list to help you identify exactly which labels are available from your account. Instead of having to refer to your Gmail account and locate a label, we provide a comprehensive list, right here in the trigger. This even includes all custom labels you created yourself!


5. Why Integrating Your Apps Is A No Brainer

replicon-n-departments-01_1024We went over the awesome reasons you should integrate your apps on the Replicon blog. If you use Replicon for your time sheets you need to read this! Read It Here >


6. Upgraded Apps: Tradeshift, ServiceNow, Infusionsoft, Steelbrick, Intacct

automate-9bd380654cf79b2376c8f27f4effd990You can now get more from your Tradeshift, ServiceNow, Infusionsoft, Steelbrick, and Intacct recipes! We’ve upgraded the list of triggers and actions for each of these apps.

Infusionsoft. New triggers and actions: Invoice, payment, customer, product

See this recipe >

ServiceNow. New Actions: create/search/update a comprehensive list of objects (user, computer, task, Problem)

See this recipe >

Steelbrick. New “create/search/update” actions for all objects

See this recipe >

Intacct. New “create journal entry” action

See this recipe >


If you have any trouble with the new additions you can Register for an upcoming Troubleshooting Webinar > or contact our customer experience team. We’re always here to help!