Workato has joined the UKG Partner Network! Here’s what that means for UKG Pro users

We’re excited to announce that UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, has added us to their network of partners!

Now, you can leverage Workato’s low-code/no-code platform and pre-built connectors to easily sync UKG Pro with the rest of your tech stack and build end-to-end automations across your HR processes.

How, exactly, can Workato help you get more out of UKG Pro? We’ll break down a few examples below.

To learn more about our partnership, you can read this press release.

1. Instantly kickstart equipment provisioning

To help onboard employees quickly, comprehensively, and easily from the moment they sign their offer letter, you can turn to the following procurement automation:

An equipment provisioning workflow

1. Once a candidate is marked as hired in a recruiting app, the workflow gets triggered.

2. The candidate’s employee account gets created in UKG Pro and a new hire notice gets delivered to the appropriate stakeholders. 

3. The new hire’s manager receives a device request via a business communications platform like Slack. The manager can then browse and select the devices the new hire needs without leaving the business communications platform.

4. An asset manager gets alerted of the requests, and can move forward with fulfilling them.

Learn how to set up a trigger when an employee gets created/updated in UKG Pro.

2. Streamline your PTO approval process end-to-end 

You can make it easy on employees to submit PTO requests and for managers to review and accept (or reject) any by implementing the following approval workflow:

A PTO approval workflow
  1. An employee can submit their PTO request in Slack.
  1. A chatbot would then check (in UKG Pro) if the requestor qualifies to take those days off.
  1. Assuming they do, the chatbot would message the manager the details of the request, where the manager could also accept or reject the request with the click of a button.
  1. Assuming the manager accepts the request, the employee gets notified via a message in the business comms platform, and their PTO balance is instantly updated in UKG Pro.

3. Offboard employees promptly and comprehensively

To prevent any soon-to-be-leaving employee from engaging in activities that can compromise the security of your data, you can use the following offboarding workflow automation:

An employee offboarding workflow

1. Once a termination event is identified in UKG Pro, the workflow gets triggered.

2. All of the appropriate deprovisioning tickets get created on a platform like ServiceNow—allowing your team to track their progress.

3. By the end of their last day, the employee is removed from all of their groups in Active Directory, and using SentinelOne, they lose access to their laptop. 

Here’s how to set up a trigger that runs off of a termination event in UKG Pro.

To learn more about how Workato can help your team get the most out of UKG Pro, you can schedule a demo with one of our automation experts.