5 Salesforce Integrations that Can Help Your Nonprofit Scale

The top 5 Salesforce integrations for a nonprofit

Salesforce can play a central role in any nonprofit’s day-to-day operations through its Nonprofit Success Pack (a customized version of the popular CRM).

It’s where employees can track and engage with donors, run reports that help them assess their efforts, manage various events—and so on.

To get more out of the CRM, your nonprofit can integrate it with the other systems you use. We’ll show you how valuable this can be by walking you through 5 common Salesforce integrations:

  • SurveyMonkey
  • DropBox
  • EventBrite
  • Docusign 
  • Marketo

Sync SurveyMonkey with Salesforce to Easily Track Feedback 

From the events your organization hosts to the services you provide, you want to know how you’re performing in each and every way. You can find out, quickly, by connecting SurveyMonkey and Salesforce and then building a workflow where any time a volunteer or member fills out a SurveyMonkey survey, their responses automatically get added as a note to their account page in Salesforce. From there, your team can see what people are saying and act accordingly.   

Integrate DropBox with Salesforce to Quickly Access Key Resources

As your nonprofit engages with volunteers, members, prospective members, etc., you’ll need an easy way to store and revisit the resources that gets shared with each individual. 

Once you connect DropBox with Salesforce, this challenge becomes all the more easy to address. For instance, you can build a workflow where any time a DropBox file gets created or updated, it instantly gets added to or updated in the corresponding Salesforce account—where your team can quickly find it. 

Hook Eventbrite up with Salesforce to Personalize Your Events

Understanding who’s signing up for your event and what each registrant hopes to get out of it is key in preparing for it.

You can find the answers to these types of questions with ease by syncing Salesforce with Eventbrite and then setting up a workflow where once someone signs up in Eventbrite, the information they submit automatically gets added to their account page in SFDC.

Connect Docusign with Salesforce to Automatically Add Signed Documents to the Appropriate Places

Your organization will undoubtedly send a variety of forms that require signatures over time (e.g. a volunteer registration form). To save your employees time, and to help them focus on other tasks that matter more to your organization, you can integrate Docusign with Salesforce and create a workflow that instantly adds any signed Docusign form to the corresponding page in SFDC. 

Connect Marketo with Salesforce to Nurture Prospective Donors Effectively

When a prospective donor performs some activity that shows interest in your organization (e.g. attending an event), you’re then presented with an opportunity to nurture their interest to the point of giving a donation. 

To help you capitalize on the opportunity, you can integrate Marketo with Salesforce and then design a workflow where any time a lead is updated in Salesforce (based on the activity they’ve recently performed), the edits are reflected in their Marketo profile. You can then put the newly edited Marketo lead into the appropriate campaign.

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Get More out of Salesforce by Building End-to-End Automations

As valuable as the Salesforce integrations above are, intelligent workflow automations can drive significantly better results for your nonprofit and those you engage with. For example, once you connect Salesforce and Marketo, you can build the following workflow in an enterprise automation platform:

1. Once a previous donor hasn’t contributed for a certain amount of time (which is confirmed in Salesforce), the workflow gets triggered.
2. That individual enters a specific email campaign in Marketo that’s geared towards inspiring them to contribute.
3. All the while, a platform bot notifies the appropriate employees via chat (e.g. Slack) that the previous donor hasn’t contributed in x amount of time—springing them to take action.

Wondering how your nonprofit should approach building Salesforce automations? You can brainstorm different options by speaking with one of our experts!

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