How the order to cash maturity model helps you benchmark your automation efforts

Order to cash maturity model

For decades now, the order to cash (O2C) process has frustrated finance teams, sales teams, and most importantly, customers.

Removing these headaches with automation isn’t so simple, however; It involves understanding how automation matures and the implications of these maturity stages for your O2C process. 

When thinking about maturing an O2C process through automation, you’ll also need to have a customer experience mindset. After all, when a process is as critical as turning a prospect into a customer, and a customer into an evangelist, it can’t be left up to manual workflows––it needs precision that can only be delivered by automation. 

To help up-level your O2C process and your ability to grow into the future, we partnered with Connor Group––a leader in technology strategy, innovation, and automation––to create the O2C maturity model.

A visual breakdown of the O2C maturity model

This model outlines the roadmap from level 0 (a manual, high touch process) to level 3 (a highly predictive and proactive model). 

Using the model as your guide, you can eventually get to a place where you’re not only instantly provisioning your software to your customers and getting orders invoiced in record time, but also using that data to understand customer momentum & adoption (enabling you to onboard customers more effectively).

To find out where you are in your O2C maturity journey––and how to get to the next level––, you can download our order-to-cash whitepaper.