3 HubSpot integrations that can help your team nurture leads more successfully

Best HubSpot app integrations for marketing

Roughly 4 in 5 leads fail to become a customer.

This can be explained by a variety of reasons, from your organization failing to respond fast enough (motivating the lead to pick a competitor instead) to the lead losing interest in your product/service.

To address most of these reasons, you can optimize your lead nurturing activities by integrating your marketing automation tool, HubSpot, with the platforms your team relies on for managing leads. 

To that end, we’ll review 3 popular applications that, once integrated with HubSpot, can significantly improve the performance of your lead nurturing activities. 

1. Salesforce
2. Clearbit
3. Slack

1. Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce to nurture individual leads more thoughtfully

Your lead nurturing strategy should ultimately cater to each lead and where they are in their buying journey. 

To help ensure that each lead is in the most relevant campaign, you can integrate HubSpot with Salesforce, and build the following workflow: Any time a sales rep updates the status of a lead in the CRM platform, the change is automatically reflected in their HubSpot account. Your marketers can then see the change in HubSpot and decide whether to keep the lead in a specific campaign or move them to another.

In addition, you can use the integration to improve your lead response time. For instance, you can design a workflow where once a lead’s status in HubSpot changes to a level that signifies that they’re sales-ready, their account in Salesforce is updated accordingly. This allows a sales rep to view the change in the platform they’re comfortable using (Salesforce) and follow up promptly.

2. Sync HubSpot with Clearbit to understand leads more fully

The more information your marketers have on each lead, the better they can personalize every touchpoint. 

You can empower them to engage in further personalization by syncing HubSpot with Clearbit. Once integrated, you can build a workflow where any time a lead or company is added to HubSpot, Clearbit instantly performs an email and/or company lookup. Any information Clearbit finds would then get added to the appropriate fields within the lead’s HubSpot account.

3. Connect HubSpot with Slack to easily manage campaigns 

No nurture campaign lays static. Leads are constantly moving in and out of each, and various optimization opportunities will likely deserve attention over time.

Your team can fine tune any campaign within Slack by connecting the business communications platform with HubSpot. Once connected, your team can add, edit, or remove contacts in a given campaign. You can also build a workflow where any time an employee changes a lead’s information in HubSpot, the appropriate colleagues get alerted via Slack—enabling them to become aware of the changes and respond promptly if necessary.

Get more out of HubSpot by building end-to-end automations

As valuable as these HubSpot integrations are, your marketing team can deliver even better results by building end-to-end workflow automations that work across various systems. 

For example, you can build a lead routing workflow automation that empowers your reps to respond to leads faster and more thoughtfully. Here’s how it can work:

1. Once a lead is marked as sales qualified in HubSpot, the workflow gets triggered.

2. Workbot (our enterprise chatbot) enriches the lead with tools like Clearbit, Zoominfo, and Linkedin.

3. The enriched lead gets added to your CRM and Workbot shares it (in real time) with the appropriate sales rep via a business communications platform, like Slack or Microsoft Teams

You can learn how Workato, a leading enterprise automation platform, can transform any workflow (like the example above) that includes HubSpot by visiting our listing on the marketing automation platform’s marketplace!

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