WorkHack: Eliminate HR Data Entry Forever with BambooHR

Every HR department is inundated with paperwork.  This comes with the territory of consistently hiring and onboarding new employees, keeping track of current benefits, and improving employee engagement.  These actions require extremely meticulous and repetitive manual data entry, consistent correspondence with all company departments, and organizing information sensitive documents.  Instead of focusing on visionary tasks that will make the workplace a better atmosphere, HR business partners are overwhelmed with switching from application to application to enter identical data.

BambooHR lets users manage the HR process in a much simpler way.  The app makes the transition from spreadsheets seamless. Moreover, reporting and employee requests are completely automated, which puts more time back into your workday.

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The Imperative of Integrating HR Apps

During an employee’s life cycle, lots of changes occur including promotions, salary changes, and benefits updates.  Such actions easily form discrepancies in other business apps like ones that track timesheets, accounting, payroll, CRM, and project management. When this happens, the business has to slow, if not stop, to solve these challenges.  This means wasted time, unhappy employees, and operations that put your cashflow at risk. No business owner wants to deal with this. Left in a silo, BambooHR is simply a spreadsheet that is easier on the eye.

Workato Recipes That Deliver BambooHR Investment Value

Asking an HR business partner to go app to app and manually update records can be error-prone and under-utilizes their value to the organization. Instead, integrating BambooHR with other apps using Workato can sync data in real-time; eliminating manual workflows. With a few clicks, all of your business apps now contain the exact same information that will update anytime changes are made. Employees get back an unprecedented amount of time to spend on more value-creating activities.  HR becomes a well-oiled machine instead of a department struggling with payment discrepancies, cast aside performance reviews, untimely benefit processing and general communicative disorganization with the rest of the company on behalf of shoddy data entry.  Can you afford to not integrate BambooHR with your other apps?

Workato is an expert in integration; allowing for a powerful and flexible data-exchange between BambooHR and your additional business apps.  There is no need for HR management to stand independently, it should flow with additional business systems; unlocking its true value. Workato has created and compiled a full library of BambooHR recipes to sync with your business apps.  Additionally, Workato provides a do-it-yourself platform to create your own workflows (also known as recipes) for data integration.


Sync BambooHR User with POS and Workforce Scheduling Users

With this recipe, on-board an employee across point-of-sale (Revel) and workforce scheduling apps (Deputy) when a new user is created in the HR app.  An employee will be on-boarded across multiple apps immediately allowing them to be staffable faster than ever before.


New Users in BambooHR Become New Users in Expense Systems

With this recipe, create a new user in an expense system app (Expensify) when a new user is created in BambooHR.  Once a user is hired, they are immediately included in the expense management system so there is no lag regarding when a new employee can begin marking expenses.

Workato seamlessly handles the data integration process, so your employees can spend less time on error-friendly manual data entry.  Take the time to check out all the BambooHR recipes from Workato and unlock your new, powerful HR department.