How Good360 Australia uses automation for good

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Good360 Australia is a connector, connecting brand new goods donated by businesses to people and communities that need them the most. Some of these beneficiaries include charities and schools.

The organization’s mission is simple: to ensure that the excess goods and services businesses produce every year flow to people in need, rather than go to waste. The result is a Circle of Good that reduces need and waste in our communities at the same time so everyone benefits, from people to the planet. To date, over 3,000 charity and disadvantaged schools utilize the organization’s e-commerce platform to order the goods they need. In addition, Good360 Australia has connected over 33 million brand new items to the beneficiaries.

Since they prioritize getting the right goods to the right people at the right time, they always need to be managing user and product data effectively.

However, prior to using Workato, their existing workflows weren’t meeting the organization’s needs. Moreover, the iPaaS solutions they tried using to integrate their applications and improve their workflows weren’t scalable.

“We’ve been using integration tools for years to connect our internal systems, but always had issues when it comes to customizing workflows. Many pre-built connectors are not really fit-for-purpose, and require hours for customization. (This) usually requires the assistance of development teams, which has caused delays, and unnecessary cost and complexities in our projects.”
Shawn Peters Head of Information Technology @ Good360 Australia

After a series of disappointments with other iPaaS solutions, they found the right fit in Workato. Here’s a closer look at how they’re leveraging our platform.

Delivering the right goods to the right people at the right time

To ensure that beneficiaries receive the goods they order, Good360 Australia needs their product data to be up to date. In addition, the organization has to capture user data accurately so that they could deliver the goods to the right people at the right location. 

With this in mind, Good360 Australia uses Workato to sync product and user data across their internal systems. Now, whenever a new order is made via Good360 Australia’s e-commerce website, both user and product data are captured and stored in the organization’s CRM and ERP system. This allows the organization to track the beneficiaries’ orders while staying on top of their inventory count. Furthermore, Good360 Australia is able to make arrangements that allow the goods to be delivered in a smooth and timely manner. 

The organization’s employees have also benefited from this automation. Employees went from spending more than 2 hours on updating user data manually every day to less than 15 minutes. As a result, employees now have more time to focus on other strategic projects that’ll allow the organization to help more beneficiaries in Australia.

Ready to extend their impact

To reach their 2023 goals and beyond, Good360 Australia plans to take a technology-driven approach to their processes, with Workato serving as the lynchpin technology. 

They’re also hoping to collect better data to aid them in the disaster recovery space. Their goal is to get products to the right people more efficiently in times of crisis.

Shawn concludes:

“We’re connecting donors and donations to people in need. We now have the right tool in Workato to expand on the good that we can achieve. I’m excited to see where it goes.”
Shawn Peters Head of Information Technology @ Good360 Australia