Master Your MarTech Stack: How Edible Blooms Implemented Targeted Email Marketing with Magento

Edible Blooms, an Australian flower and gift company, wanted to integrate Marketo with their eCommerce platform Magento. They worked with consultants at Hoosh Marketing to make it happen. Edible Blooms wanted to capitalize on repeat customers and realized many customers send their products as a gift for a birthday or another annual event, like an anniversary. In order to remind them to buy again, Edible Blooms wanted to send an email to customers every year, right before the event they had made a purchase for the previous year occurred again. This was nearly impossible to do manually.

Edible Blooms uses Workato to connect Magento and Marketo.

Hoosh used Workato to create automatic daily campaigns on a timer. Every day, the recipe searches Magento for all the customers who made a purchase one year and ten days ago. The recipe then moves those customers into a new Marketo campaign, and it sends out the email. Eight days later — 2 days before the anniversary or birthday — the recipe sends a follow-up email.

From this one integration alone, Edible Blooms saw an ROI of 20% in just a few weeks. Not only does it allow them to cultivate repeat business with appropriately targeted email campaigns, but it also gives them a way to growth hack recurring events and loyalty marketing. Fab Capodicasa, founder of Hoosh Marketing, describes Workato’s integration as, “simple and genius.”

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