Workato’s 12 Days of Automation ?

We’re sure you’ve heard the song, “Twelve Days of Christmas” where the person in the tune is given a different gift by their “True Love” each day of Christmas. The gifts aren’t exactly things that most people ask for today in 2016, although if you do want three french hens, two turtled doves, and a partridge in a pear tree we’re not here to judge! Instead we thought we’d give the classic carol an update and present to you Twelve Days of Automation.

Each day, from today until December 25th, we’ll highlight a very cool automation that we’ve covered in 2016. These automations will run the gamut from integrating legacy apps to using A.I. but they will all do things like save you time and money, increase productivity, give you better reporting, and automate tasks you’d rather not do manually. So let’s get started!

The 1st Day of Automation: Zendesk Notifications By Threshold

It’s the age old catch-22: You want to be alerted about important things but you don’t want to receive a firehose of notifications every time something happens. This is especially relevant during the Holidays when most people are trying to get some well-deserved family time in without losing site of their business. Well, Zendesk users rejoice because this is a dilemma no longer!

This Workato automation lets you receive real time notifications based on the threshold you set via email or directly into the Slack channel of your choice. If you’re a manager who wants to receive an email to warn you when the volume of new tickets hits 10 tickets or you just want to have a Slack channel to easily track customer activity and keep the company notified every 3 tickets, this automation will make your job less complicated and more productive.

The insights from threshold notifications will help you tend to your customers in a more proficient manner. A high threshold will immediately alert you to a problem like the server went down or a key feature isn’t functioning. A lower threshold allows a manager to easily track customer activity without receiving individual notifications, and a threshold set around the daily number of tickets you receive on average will keep the company informed of progress in a digestible way.

Smart notifications from Zendesk will lower customer churn and the customization of these recipes ensures that your use case can be met with ease!

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Check back tomorrow for the second day of automation!