3 HubSpot App Integrations that Can Fuel Your Sales Team’s Success

The 3 best HubSpot app integrations

As someone who uses HubSpot’s CRM platform, you’re likely well aware of its many features and functionalities.

You can build a visual dashboard to view your sales pipeline; instantly track prospecting activities; create tasks to organize and prioritize your work—and a whole lot more.

To help you and your sales reps get even more from the CRM platform, you can integrate it with the other apps your organization uses and build workflows between them. 

We’ll help you get started by covering 3 popular HubSpot app integrations:

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1. Integrate HubSpot with Snowflake to Uncover Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Your reps can use product usage data to identify customers who may be ready to invest in another one of your products (cross-sell), or spend more on what they use already (upsell).

To arm your reps with this type of insight, you can integrate a data warehouse platform like Snowflake with HubSpot, and then build a workflow that allows you to add product usage data from Snowflake to the appropriate HubSpot account (where a rep can view it). 

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2. Connect HubSpot with Slack to Work More Efficiently

Your sales reps spend a lot of their time on your organization’s business communications platform (e.g. Slack). After all, it’s where they can engage in casual banter, provide updates to specific groups, share files, and so on.

By hooking up HubSpot with a platform like Slack, your reps can get even more mileage from the business communications platform. For example, from Slack, your reps can create contacts, companies, deals, an engagement, or update and delete any of those items. This saves your reps time, as they no longer have to login to the CRM every time they want to make updates, and it allows them to focus on more strategic selling activities.

3. Sync HubSpot with Clearbit to Enrich Prospect Information

When new leads come in, certain details may be missing. 

You can make sure that the most important information doesn’t slip through the cracks by integrating HubSpot with a data enrichment platform like ClearBit. From there, any time someone adds a company or a contact to the CRM, they can be enriched by information found in Clearbit. 

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Build End-to-End Workflow Automations with Workato

To truly transform how your sales organization operates, you’ll need to build comprehensive workflow automations on top of your HubSpot integrations. For example, you can use HubSpot, Snowflake, Clearbit, and an enterprise chatbot to build an end-to-end automation that helps sales reps identify and act on upsell opportunities. Here’s how it can work:

1. Once a customer’s level of product usage meets a certain predefined threshold, the workflow gets triggered.

2. An enterprise chatbot provides this update to the appropriate sales rep via a platform like Slack in real time. The message includes some of the prospect’s information from HubSpot as well as enriched data from Clearbit.

3. The rep can then take action directly from the business communications platform, where they can accept, reject, or reassign the lead with just a click. 

To learn more about integrating HubSpot with your existing apps as well as building end-to-end workflow automations that use enterprise chatbots—like Workbot—, you can schedule a demo with one of our automation experts.

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