3 Automations that Can Improve Employee Retention and Lower HR Costs

Automations that lower HR costs

When an employee leaves your organization, the cost of replacing them can range from half their annual salary to double it. Equally troubling, more than half (52%) of those who leave say that their organization could have done something to prevent it. 

To help your organization proactively engage employees, delight them, and ultimately lower the chances they leave, you can turn to HR automation.

Here are 3 automations we use here at Workato and recommend implementing across your teams to drive HR costs down!

1. Instantly Provision New Hires with the Right Equipment and Apps 

New hires often want to make a positive early impression. You can fuel their drive by providing them with the applications and equipment they need on day 1. 

Here’s how this onboarding automation can work if you use Workday as your HRIS, Slack as your internal chat tool, ServiceNow as your ticket management system, and Workbot as your enterprise platform bot:

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2. Streamline Approvals for Any Request

Throughout an employee’s time at your organization, they’ll likely make a variety of requests—from taking time off to expensing recent purchases. 

You can delight your colleagues by making it easy for them to submit any request and by resolving it quickly.

Here’s how you can use automation to do both:

1. An employee submits their request in a chat platform like Microsoft Teams.
2. A platform bot instantly takes the request and shows it to the appropriate approver(s) in the chat platform.
3. The approver(s) can decide whether to accept or reject the request in the chat message.
4. The requestor gets notified via chat regarding the status of their request.

To make this more tangible, and to highlight more nuanced steps for a specific type of request, here’s how this can look for approving PTO:

3. Prevent Burnout by Using Bots

To help employees recharge throughout the course of their workday and stay engaged in their work, you can turn to a variety of productivity bots.

You can use “Food Bot” to not only remind employees to take a lunch break, but also prompt them to think about whether they want to cook the meal themselves or order take out. 

Here’s more on how it works:

You can use another bot (“Pomodoro Bot”) to help employees improve their efficiency by adopting the “Pomodoro Technique” (where the employee would work for brief periods of time and take even shorter breaks between each period).

You can learn more about Food Bot, Pomodoro Bot and others by watching the on-demand webinar, “Level Up Remote Work with Intelligent ChatBots.”

Once you put these automations into action, you’ll be able to provide experiences that satisfy your colleagues and enable their success—which, over time, should lower their chances of leaving.

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