Bundle Up: Effortless Accounting with Salesforce and Xero

Keeping your information up to date on multiple platforms is not just challenging — it takes a lot of effort! This is especially true if you’re used to manually exporting data from and uploading data to your apps, a method that is not only tedious but that also makes you more prone to duplicate data. You might even miss vital information, which will cost you additional time and effort to recover. That’s why we created our pre-packaged Salesforce – Xero integration bundle to help you automatically sync your CRM and accounting information. With these six recipes, you can access a 360° view of your business for a painless accounting experience.

Streamlining Data Across Salesforce and Xero

Time is perhaps the most valuable resource in the workplace. The ability to track and update information in real time saves you hours of manual data entry work that could be well spent on higher priority tasks. Our first recipe helps you sync Xero items with Salesforce products. Every time a new item is updated in Xero, it will trigger a search for the corresponding Product ID in Salesforce. If the Product ID is not found, the recipe will create a new object in Salesforce.

Similarly, the second recipe will trigger the creation of an item in Xero every time a product is updated in Salesforce.

If you want to sync your contacts and accounts between both apps, our third recipe will create or update your Salesforce account every time it finds a new contact in Xero.

Likewise, the fourth recipe will create a new contact in Xero whenever a Salesforce account is updated or created.

Let’s apply these recipes to a business scenario. Imagine an accountant is using both Salesforce and Xero to store Xero items with Salesforce products. She wants to keep information on both apps consistent and up-to-date, in real time. She will use Recipes 1 and 2 to import and streamline data from Xero into Salesforce by creating and updating new objects in Salesforce and Xero. If she also wants to save time, she can sync her contacts and accounts between both apps. Recipe 3 and 4 will create and update Xero contacts and Salesforce accounts.

Automatic Invoices with Salesforce to Xero

Constantly updating and creating invoices is a hassle, but It doesn’t have to be that way. You can simply automate them. The last two recipes in our bundle help you create invoices with duplicate-eliminating logic. When an opportunity stage is created or updated in Salesforce, the fifth recipe searches for closed or won accounts and creates an invoice in Xero.

All paid invoices in Xero will trigger the sixth recipe, and will update the payment status of corresponding Salesforce opportunities.

Remember the accountant from the first scenario? Imagine that she also wants an efficient way of creating invoices. Recipe 5 will creates an invoice in Xero, after a search for closed or won accounts. If she wants to update existing invoices, she will use Recipe 6 to update the payment status of corresponding Salesforce opportunities based on all paid invoices in Xero.

Ready for a seamless workflow experience? Get started with our Salesforce-Xero integrations bundle.