TaskRay & Workato: It’s Not Magic, but Close Enough

This is a guest post from Jamie Moir, Director of Marketing, Bracket Labs outlining the new recipes we’ve created with TaskRay.

TaskRay, the top-rated native Salesforce project management app and Workato are teaming up to bring you the best work automation to keep your customers happy after the sale. With Workato, you can get all the apps you use each day working together with TaskRay in minutes, not months.

While TaskRay is native and works seamlessly with other native Salesforce apps, we know there are other apps out there that aren’t native to Salesforce that users need to integrate with TaskRay. Enter Workato. We’ve been working on creating Workato recipes that extend TaskRay’s functionality and reach.

Here are three of the top requested integrations showcasing TaskRay and Workato’s power together.

TaskRay Project Create/Update to Google Calendar Event


Creating projects in TaskRay is simple and intuitive by design. We make the visualization of your work against deadlines ubiquitous throughout the app. We even enable notifications via email when Tasks are due or overdue. However, TaskRay doesn’t display projects on your Google Calendar.  But with Workato you can make this happen. Workato will create a Google Calendar event, if a project is created in TaskRay with start and end dates.  Whenever a change is made to that project, the start and end dates will update in Google Calendar.

Turn Freshdesk case into TaskRay Task


Keeping customers happy with top-notch customer support is a core principle of TaskRay. We know we aren’t alone. So we created a recipe that creates a new TaskRay task on a pre-specified project when a new ticket is created in Freshdesk.

Github Issue to TaskRay Task


Github is the go-to repository for open-source code. And TaskRay is often used for Agile Dev of software. So it was a win-win to create an integration between the two of them with Workato. When a Github issue is logged and you’ve designated a specific repository a TaskRay task will be created on a pre-defined TaskRay project.

Don’t see the recipe you need? The great thing about TaskRay and Workato is that the sky is the limit with creating the integrations and workflows your business requires.

Join TaskRay and Workato experts for a webinar on November 2 at 10 am MT/12 pm ET to learn more about TaskRay and Workato and how to use them together.

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