WorkHack: Seamlessly Connect Your Apps With Steelbrick, TaskRay, Vlocity & JobScience


The Salesforce AppExchange is perhaps the greatest 3rd party network of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the enterprise software market and where many Workato customers go to a find pre-built solutions to their Salesforce workflow.

Here at Workato, we are working on building powerful connections for the apps in AppExchange everyday, and our ability to integrate with any native app makes it the best option for those who are using multiple Salesforce apps. Earlier this year we released connections for ServiceMax, Twillio and Click & Pledge and now, we’re excited to announce that you can start integrating Steelbrick, TaskRay, Vlocity, and JobScience with your other business apps by creating custom recipes on Workato.

1. TaskRay

Taskray is a shared task and project management tool specifically for Salesforce. It is 100% Salesforce native, meaning it will work beautifully with your Salesforce data, and now it can work just as seamlessly with your other business apps.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.22.22 PM

For example, if you are using TaskRay as a project management tool to onboard new customers once the opportunity is closed in Salesforce, you can send information between TaskRay and Google Calendar. Never forget to transfer a project again as your Workato recipe can be customized to trigger anytime there is a object created/updated in Salesforce, and move the projects you favorited in TaskRay to Google Calendar. These recipes can be customized with the triggers and actions listed above to help sync your data as intuitively as possible.

Learn more about integrating TaskRay here

2. SteelBrick

SteelBrick is a great tool for in the “quote to cash” or CPQ (configure, price quote) space. While all apps natively integrate with SFDC, the integration of a company’s accounting and ERP systems are essential for a full “quote to cash.” You can use Workato to sync SteelBrick and your Salesforce account, with products like Netsuite and other finance apps like Intacct and Quickbooks to lower manual data entry and gain a full CPQ in real time.Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.23.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.23.39 PMFor example, a Workato recipe can automatically let a quote generated in Steelbrick flow through Docusign for signing before getting passed to Netsuite. These connections can help automate inventory management, invoice creation, e-signatures, and document management.

Learn more about SteelBrick Integrations here

3. Vlocity

Vlocity offers solutions for modern applications that are industry specific but cloud based. If you use Vlocity for your business, automating actions and sharing data with your accounting apps is key.vlocityIntegrating your leads, opportunities, contacts and more with Quickbooks, Infusionsoft, or Netsuite with a powerful recipe gives you more time to focus on the development of your business and a 360 degree view of your revenue.

Learn more about integrating Vlocity here

4. JobScience

JobScience is an applicant tracking system that helps companies with staffing and recruiting. A strong integration with Salesforce will mean less errors (no more duplicates!) and less manual data entry.
jobscienceIntegrating JobScience with Zoho Finance, BambooHR, or any finance tools such as Intacct, Quickbooks and more will help your business gain a 360 degree view of a potential employee without losing any data between apps. Connecting JobScience with your other business apps will also lessen the workload when you’ve found the right person for the job and it’s time to on board a new employee.

Learn more about integrating JobScience here


Stay Tuned

These are only a few examples of Workato’s capabilities with apps. Our team is working hard to create truly robust and flexible connections between apps so you can reach the full potential of each tool. Stay tuned, as we are not only adding more apps, but building a universal connection that you can customize for your business.