Effortlessly Log Sales Activity in Salesforce with Workbot for Slack

Today, salespeople communicate with their prospects on several devices, using a patchwork of applications such as Gmail, RingCentral, Slack, and Intercom. The sales landscape has changed dramatically, and gone are the days when it was sufficient to enforce tedious CRM practices.

Workbot effortlessly solved that problem for us. Without a single line of code, we built a Slack chat-bot command that allows our salespeople to record meetings with prospects in seconds, without leaving Slack.

Intelligent automation can help track sales activity.

The salesperson simply opens up a chat with Workbot, and types “log Salesforce demo”. Workbot asks for the prospect’s email address. That’s it—no more logging into Salesforce at 4pm to record the morning’s activities!

What if the representative wants to add more information? All they need to do is click the “Update Opportunity” button, and a simple, interactive list of buttons appears.

After implementing this, our activity recording increased more than 300%. Our sales reps loved it so much, they even built their own personalized Workbot automations to look up and update records in other applications they frequently use.

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