Recipe 13: Sync Concur Expenses to Replicon

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Today’s recipe seamlessly transfers paid expense reports from Concur into Replicon automatically. Having your paid expense reports synced with your payroll app on a daily basis means that paying your employees back and keeping track of expenses has never been easier! No waiting for a monthly processing time or worrying about losing track of receipts.

How it works

Trigger: Recipe picks up paid expense reports (reimbursed expense reports which have been approved and processed) in Concur from one day ago at the start of the recipe.


  • Create an expense sheet in Replicon with the Replicon expense sheet owner as the Concur expense submitter.
  • Expense line items in Concur are broken down into itemized expenses (if itemized), and itemized expenses are broken down by allocations (if allocated). We iterate through the list of expense entries list, itemization list and allocations list to bring the itemized and allocated expenses across to Replicon as a single line item (i.e. 1 expense line that has 2 itemization and 2 allocations will be brought over as 4 line items in Replicon).
  • Expenses will be brought over from Concur to Replicon in the reimbursement currency of the expense sheet submitter (the reimbursement currency of the submitter in Concur should correspond to a default currency in Replicon – US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc)
  • Replicon receives the expenses and converts the currency into the base currency of the Replicon account if the base currency of the Replicon account is not equal to the reimbursement currency of the expense sheet submitter

Customization Options

  • NIL

What you need to use this recipe

  • You should have a Replicon account with integrations rights and the Billing Manager permission set, as well as a Concur account with the following access rights: Can Administer, Can Submit, Approve and Process Expense Reports.
  • The expense sheet submitter in Concur should have a corresponding user account in Replicon. The login names of both accounts should match, otherwise the recipe will throw an error.

Usually used with:

  • Sync Replicon clients and projects into Concur


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