6 reasons to join our new and improved Systematic Community

Over the past few months, my community team has been hard at work on improving the Systematic Community—an online forum where business technology professionals and Workato users can connect with and learn from each other. 

We’ve moved platforms, improved our programs, and streamlined changes to create a vibrant and engaging experience for our community users.

You can read on to learn what’s changed and why it’s a great time to get involved!

1. Find all of your automation community needs on one site

The Systematic Community brings our two existing communities, Systematic+ and Workato Pros, onto one site, the Systematic Community. Our thought process here is that bringing them together will allow you to easily navigate between the community and other Workato domains, like the Automation Institute. Moreover, providing a more seamless user experience will enable you to get all your automation information in one place—allowing you to spend less time searching for information and focus more on building your network and expanding your knowledge. 

2. Access any content from the community with ease

On our previous platform, the Workato Pros community was only open to certified users. We decided this new community release was the perfect opportunity to open up access to all Workato users. That way, any user can easily find the information and best practices they need to become better at using Workato and grow their automation careers. I’m also hoping that having a public presence will increase the vibrancy and diversity of our userbase, allowing you to connect to users in all stages of their automation journeys and learn from one another. Finally, we’ve made Workato Pros content even more accessible by allowing it to be searchable on Google and other search engines.

We’ve also added topic-specific communities—such as the Automation Institute and Workato’s Embedded Platform—to help you find what you need, quickly. We plan to expand this infrastructure as well, ensuring that major topics have their own space to prevent information overload in the larger communities. 

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3. Get your burning questions answered—and answer any yourself

Our improved Q&A experience now allows our users to easily share solutions to issues, tips on using the product, and best practices for scaling your automation suite. This new feature will allow you to more easily find topics that have already received helpful answers—making it easier than ever to search for and find specific solutions and best practices! 

In addition, you can now establish yourself as an expert by joining in on conversations and offering advice to fellow community users. 

A screenshot of the Q&A experience in Systematic

4. Showcase your expertise through the community’s badges and leaderboards

Once you’ve begun to establish yourself as an expert in the community, you can show others your progress with our new community badges and rankings. Points are now awarded for each individual action (e.g., giving a kudo) you take in the community, and key actions (e.g., commenting on a thread) will earn you badges. 

As you earn points and badges, you’ll level up through the ranking ladder, which highlights your activity level and where you measure up against other users. Since Workato is known for its easy-to-design recipes, we’ve created a chef-themed rank ladder: you start as a sous chef and can work all the way up to celebrity chef status.

A screenshot of the ranking ladder and the badges you can earn

Community engagement has been key to helping our users position themselves as leaders in the space. I’ve even seen Systematic Community members secure new jobs by highlighting their community engagement. With this in mind, we’ve made it easier than ever to showcase your engagement by prominently displaying our easily-accessible badges and ranks on your community profile. 

In addition to our badges & rankings, each section of the community now features a leaderboard, which shows the most active users in each community and allows you to benchmark your participation against fellow community users.

5. Land your dream job and attract strong candidates with our new Business Systems Jobs Board

Once you’ve begun earning badges and leveling up in the rank ladder, the community can help you take the next step in your automation career with our new Business Systems Jobs Board. Search for open positions or post an opening of your own for thousands of skilled automation professionals to see. I’m particularly excited about this new space, as I think it’ll really help highlight the community as a place where our members can grow their careers and find amazing team members. 

A screenshot of the Business Systems Jobs Board

6. Keep up with activities in the community by visiting the Systematic Welcome Lounge

Our Systematic Welcome Lounge helps you get the latest on Workato, the community, and the new programs we offer as part of your Systematic membership. Through the lounge, you can also click into our events, where you’ll find community-specific events on Workato, automation, and growing your career. 

I wanted to end by saying that my community team is always open to opinions and suggestions for improvement. So if you have any feedback or an idea for an event you’d like to see or present on, please create a thread in our Community Chat community —the place to discuss all things Systematic Community-related. We’d love to hear from you!

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You can see our new experience for yourself and decide whether the community is right for you by visiting Systematic.

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