The Top 8 Chatbots Sorted by Personality – Chatbot Automation

 From the Weekend Warrior to the Elon Musk Fanboy, we’re sorting chatbots by personality so you can find the right one for you!

There’s a bot for everything these days–and for good reason. Powered by specific rules and artificial intelligence, these digital entities are quickly transforming the way we interact with businesses, one conversation at a time. A personalized, two-way interaction by chatbots provides an element of immediacy and convenience for the consumer, while brands can better understand their target audience via data gathered by the exchange. Although chatbots aren’t an entirely new phenomenon, they’ve come a long way from their SmarterChild days. In recent years, the use of messaging apps over social media apps has signalled a tipping point in consumer behavior, which explains why companies are increasingly adapting chatbots into their business strategy.

With over 35,000 chatbots for Facebook Messenger alone, it’s easy to see why consumers would have a hard time choosing the right bot for their needs. Chatbots can be as idiosyncratic as humans, each defined by its own unique personality. We’ve rounded up 8 of them for you to get acquainted with!

1. The Homebody

So your entire team wants to check out that new sushi bar across the street, but there’s always that one friend who drops out at the last minute. Eventually she resorts to ordering lunch and inconspicuously retreats to eat her burrito at her desk.

Fooji, the food delivery bot, will definitely enable her anti-social behavior. Users can log into the Fooji site with their Twitter account and enter their delivery address and payment info. They can then browse the menu of food emojis, and tweet their pick–again, in the form of an emoji–to the @goofooji account.

2. The Stats Nerd

She has a double degree in data analytics and business with a minor in communications. When you catch her staring into space, you assume she’s thinking of ways to convert that MQL into an SQL.

Dashbot operates in similar fashion. With a mission to be “the Google Analytics” for bots, Dashbot gives users insight on how users interact with their bot, increases user discovery and engagement, and handles bot-specific metrics.

3. The Tumblr Queen

Everyone has a friend who shares an endless stream of GIFs and memes. There are some things in life that the written word simply cannot express–like the feels you get from watching dogs get dressed as humans.

Giffage, powered by Giphy, allows users to scour an exhaustive list of apps for their favorite GIFs. They can then create, save, or browse trending GIFs on the bot’s keyboard, without switching to the iOS default keyboard. iPhone7 users can also convert their Live Photos into personalized GIFs!

4. The Overachiever

If the digital workplace were a continuation of High School, Workbot would be on the Honor Roll. He’s the straight A student who’s a member of every clubs and somehow gets straight As. Workbot is ready to start on new homework at literally any time.

Workbot alleviates the need for app switching, helps visualize data, and allows users to bring information from multiple apps (think Zendesk, Github, Salesforce etc.) into one channel by using Slack as a central control system for enterprise apps. Highly organized and meticulous, that’s exactly how Workbot was designed to be.

5. The Elon Musk Fanboy

Picture it: your car breaks down in the office parking lot, and an overzealous tech-junkie friend swoops in to offer you a ride in his Tesla. On the way home, you’re treated to a lecture on the ethical problems surrounding self-driving cars that sounds ripped from the front page of TechCrunch.

TechCrunch Bot is a news bot that helps users stay on top of the stories they care about. Users can subscribe to different authors or sections on the TechCrunch site, and the bot will push updates on the relevant topics right into Telegram and Messenger.

6. Mr. Always Dressed For the Weather

Unlike Rupert Holmes’ ideal lady, most people don’t enjoy getting caught in the rain. It’s even worse when you have to sheepishly ask your always-prepared friend for his extra umbrella–again.

Poncho, a weather bot, is that friend you can turn to, rain or shine. Poncho’s mascot–a cat in a yellow hoodie–will update you on daily weather forecasts, rain alerts, and even running forecasts! For added fun, users can also receive astrological updates and chat with Poncho on Messenger by typing in “jokes” or “Would you rather..?”

7. The Administrative Angel

Everyone has a friend who buys a planner every year and color-codes their daily schedule. That friend also probably uses Meekan, a scheduling assistant bot for Slack.

Meekan matches data from everyone’s calendars to find common free times. Users can ask Meekan for the best time for a team meeting, request an overview of all their meetings, find alternative slots, and filter out the cheapest and shortest flights available for your business trip.

8. The Office Yogi

Clad in dry fit from top to toe, and sporting no less than the latest sneaker technology, this friend never actually eats at lunch; he hits the gym instead! He swaps protein shakes for In-n-Out, always carries a gym bag, and hits his steps goal every day.

If this friend isn’t enough motivation to hit the gym, Gymbot can help. The fitness bot records workout routines so users can track their training progress and workout stats. Users can get started with the bot on Messenger. Typing simple commands–such as “Bench Press 30/15/3”– stores your progress in the Gymbot database, and users can retrieve their personal stats page by typing  “Stats.”

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