Infusionsoft +Workato: Get Ready For Seamless QBO/Xero Integration

Workato is pleased to announce our new partnership with Infusionsoft to bring you a more powerful integration between Infusionsoft and accounting apps like Quickbooks and Xero. Expect, bigger, better, and more seamless!

Why Do You Need to Integrate Infusionsoft and Your Accounting Apps?

Automation is important for reducing error and increasing productivity, especially for a small business owner. If you are using Infusionsoft as your CRM to organize customer information such as contacts, opportunities, product, order and payment to get smarter insights about your customers, you most likely also rely on accounting apps like Xero and Quickbooks to make sure money actually comes in the door to close the sales cycle. While many have invested in systems like Infusionsoft for automation, the handoff to accounting is usually a difficult process. Even though both apps rely on similar data, the processing work has to be done by two different units within a company.

When these two key facets of a business cannot seamlessly communicate, the business owner is left with painful, tedious manual data entry. This not only wastes valuable time that could be used to focus on more important business matters, but is also incredibly error prone. Complete automation means no need to enter the same data twice, reduced errors, and more time for what’s important.

Tell Me More About the Partnership.

Created with the experts at Infusionsoft and ICPs, we’ve built one-click integrations (we call our integrations recipes) that you can install for seamless syncing between Infusionsoft and Xero or Quickbooks. In particular, our recipes sync Infusionsoft’s contacts, products, orders and payments over to Xero’s contacts, items, invoices and payments – or vice versa. With these powerful, pre-built integrations, anyone can start to get their apps talking with each other. No more coding, data duplication and manual data entry!

Integration Means:

  • Reduced Errors
  • No Manual Data Entry
  • Improved Communication between departments
  • Better Customer and Data Insights
  • Automated invoices and payments

Workato’s Recipes Covers the Above Plus:

infusionsoft xero benefits

  • No Coding
  • No Wait Time for Implementation and Set Up
    (Our recipes work immediately with the click of a button!)
  • Seamless Syncing between both apps
    (not just Infusionsoft to Xero, but also Xero to Infusionsoft)
  • Easy, No Code Customizations

Interested in learning more about our solutions for Infusionsoft and Quickbooks or Xero?

Go straight to the Infusionsoft Market Place and get going >>


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Kristine Colosimo
Kristine oversees Workato's content and works with awesome apps like DocuSign, Zendesk, SurveyMonkey etc. on great automation content.