How to Reduce Customer Churn with MailChimp and Workato


Marketers know that not all customers are equal. They differ based on their purchasing behavior, spending levels, and amount of customer support needed. As such, the content and relevancy of email marketing need to cater to the specific needs of different customers. Otherwise, blast marketing to hundreds or thousands of customers suffers causing a loss of subscribers or a vast click-through decline.

Hitting “delete,” or worse “unsubscribe,” is a marketer’s nightmare. Customer churn, when customers receive marketing emails and have no idea why the content is relevant to them, causes customer acquisition costs to skyrocket and you may never be able to reclaim the lost user again. Months of strategizing on how to correctly sell your product to customers could potentially be a waste with one direct marketing misstep.

MailChimp lets users manage marketing simply. Targeted campaigns, personalized subscriber profiles, and advanced analytics provide a powerful toolkit to finally centralize marketing insights. With this data, marketers can now create more profitable email marketing strategies to specific customer segments. However, in order for your marketing campaigns to work effectively, these customer data needs to be in more than just one place and integrated with other apps.

Integrating MailChimp With Additional Business Apps

To have the clearest picture of your target customers, MailChimp needs to be integrated with CRM apps such as Salesforce, ecommerce apps like Shopify, and even event apps like Eventbrite. Without this, your employees will waste hours of time – manually logging and constantly updating customer insights, point of sale data, and buying behavior – instead of focusing on how to grow the customer base.

Using Workato to Unlock MailChimp’s Full Value

With Workato, your marketing team won’t need to manually transport data between MailChimp and other apps again. Email lists in MailChimp can automatically be updated based on campaign changes in Salesforce, and if your leads are engaged almost immediately, chances are that they’ll feel more engaged and respond to you more willingly. Not only do you get an automated process for data transfer, you get many more engaged customers and reduce customer churn significantly.

Workato already offers a full library of MailChimp recipes that will integrate your business apps. Additionally, Workato provides a do-it-yourself platform to create your own workflows (also known as recipes) for data integration.

campaign member in salesforce to mailchimp

Sync Salesforce CRM Contacts with MailChimp

With this recipe, CRM data from Salesforce will immediately sync with MailChimp. New campaign members in Salesforce will immediately become subscribers in MailChimp so CRM and email marketing are synced in real-time. (Campaign members can be added to Salesforce using this recipe.)


Salesforce Leads Become MailChimp Leads

With this recipe, creating a lead in Salesforce will automatically add the same user to a targeted mailing list in MailChimp. Convert opportunities faster by getting leads the right offers and deals.


Syncing Customers’ Information from POS systems to MailChimp

This recipe is a perfect example of a marketing automation solution for POS systems. Customer data collected from POS can be added to MailChimp in real time and you’ll be able to send targeted and timely emails to keep your customers engaged.

Like all marketing apps, MailChimp is only as efficient as what you make of it. While on its own it may prevent some churning, it is truly most valuable when integrated with all other applicable business apps. Workato makes this process seamless, so you can direct your focus on profit. Check out more MailChimp recipes from Workato and supercharge your marketing campaigns today!