How This Marketing Agency Saves Thousands on Labor Costs

Identity Marketing is a marketing and design agency that works with real estate agents to help them list and sell more houses through simple yet effective marketing strategies. Based in Adelaide, Australia, their Sales Director Steve Osborn is focused on finding the most efficient ways to create leads, close deals and manage his customers’ subscriptions. He also works in close relation with the company’s bookkeeper to coordinate sales and accounting.

Though Identity Marketing is a small agency, they’ve worked with some big clients like Century 21 and First National Real Estate, and they are strategically growing their customer base of real estate agents through a range of specifically tailored products and services. Part of their efficiency stems from the ability to create leads on the move thanks to cloud­based applications. The company uses Infusionsoft to manage their sales pipeline, but found that it lacked customization options and added Xero to their workflow as an accounting solution.

The Road to Integration

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.00.44 AMThough Infusionsoft and Xero individually completed the tasks Steve needed them to, synchronizing data from one app to the other was not only time consuming, but also created confusing duplicates, especially when managing customers’ subscriptions. “When we sell, we need to make an invoice immediately,” Steve said and in a business where invoices need to be created remotely, errors and time sucks are costly roadblocks.

The obvious next step was integrating Infusionsoft to trigger automatic invoices from Xero, but Identity Marketing wasn’t sure how to get there until they discovered Workato. “We wanted to bring someone on board for our app integration,” Steve explained, “but I quickly axed the idea because we’re a small company. It was too expensive for us to manage. So I searched for alternatives and found Workato. Within a couple of hours, I had my first few integrations done.”

Why Workato?

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.02.46 AMThe biggest stress on Identity Marketing was the looming cost of implementing integration at the level of complexity the company required. The need to push line items from Infusionsoft into Xero based on specific conditions, such as stage of processing, meant that the other cost-effective integration solutions wouldn’t work. This left Steve with the choice of either hiring someone to do a job that could be automated, or significantly investing in an integration expert.

The Workato solution was the perfect fit for Identity Marketing: fast, cost­-effective, and error-free. Steve didn’t have to hire a new employee or an integration expert, saving him thousands of dollars in labor costs. “We saw results within a week,” Steve said. “I would always leave data entry for the end because it was the least enjoyable part of my day. Now it doesn’t give us headaches anymore.”

Getting His Life Back

Steve is happy to report that Workato puts thousands of dollars back into Identity Marketing’s pocket. “Workato saves us tons of money, ” said Steve. “It’s easy to use and we don’t need to employ someone to maintain it.”

For a small company like Identity Marketing, this integration success makes a huge difference for Steve and the agency. “I can make more phone calls, and find more customers,” he says. “There are no more annoying jobs left to do at the end of the day. I’ve gotten my life back and it feels great.”

If your company is looking for robust, flexible integration you can Schedule a Demo with Workato and implement your first recipe in minutes!