How the NSW Government Uses Integrations and Automation to Create a Better Citizen Experience

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This is Part one of our series with FlowBuilders, a Workato partner that’s based in Australia.

New South Wales (NSW) is Australia’s largest state and home to more than 7.9 million people. The NSW state government is made up of several different departments and agencies that carry out the activities of government. 

One of Workato’s Australian partners, FlowBuilders, works with a number of departments within the state government. When these departments are made up of a cluster of smaller agencies charged with different tasks, it is particularly important that they can rely on a robust tech ecosystem to administer their programs.

Realizing that they needed help streamlining their technologies in order to better serve the people of New South Wales, one of these departments turned to FlowBuilders and Workato.




Multiple Salesforce instances made moving a high volume of data across agencies difficult.


  • Reduced custom integration costs
  • Increased speed to market, delivering projects in days instead of months
  • Connected multiple Salesforce instances to create a central routing process for citizen complaints and feedback
  • Improved customer experience by distributing feedback to the right agencies within NSW Government

Finding a Better Way to Field Citizen Complaints

Traditionally, if a citizen wanted to contact the government about a problem or offer some feedback, they might be shuffled from agency to agency. 

“If someone complained about a pothole, for example, the agency they spoke with would often direct them to another agency,” Robi George, FlowBuilder’s co-founder and Director of Consulting, explains. “This process would repeat itself several times, and then the citizen would either give up or become frustrated, and often no resolution came about.”

As a response, the NSW Government introduced a whole-of-government initiative built on the principle of ‘no wrong door’ to provide citizens of NSW with an easily accessible contact point to lodge, track, and manage complaints. The initiative was called Feedback Assist, and one agency was selected as the central point where all citizen submissions from across NSW would be routed. 

“All public websites for agencies within the state had to have agents deployed on their website—basically a widget that pops up from the side and asks whether you want to submit feedback,” George says. “That feedback from the website would then be funneled into an instance of Salesforce.”

This project required significant collaboration and information sharing between departments. 

But because each agency had its own instance of Salesforce, they lacked visibility into the central repository of complaints. 

Connecting Multiple Instances of Salesforce for Intelligent Ticket Routing

“There were multiple instances of Salesforce across the state,” George recalls. “And agency employees didn’t want to log out of their instance and log into another instance to deal with complaints.” 

It quickly became clear that, for the initiative to succeed, these multiple instances of Salesforce had to be connected—and they do this with Workato.

FlowBuilders built a recipe to intelligently route complaints from the central agency’s instance of Salesforce to the relevant agency’s instance. Workato listens to the central agency’s instance of Salesforce for new cases and files. When one is logged, Workato grabs it and routes it based on the unique identifier of the widget used to submit it. Once someone acts on a case, Workato automatically updates the case in the central agency’s instance. 

A diagram of the automated workflow from receiving a new complaint to it being routed to the Salesforce instance of the relevant agency.

The result? One single view of the customer (citizens of NSW in this case!) across multiple instances of Salesforce. Aside from making it faster, Workato also made this workflow cost-effective.

George says that by using Workato, the initiative was completed for far less cost and in less time than the alternative—custom code—would have cost: 

“The integrated workflow was developed and deployed within days. It was immediately scalable and served as a foundation not just for other integration use cases within the central agency, but also acts as a roadmap for other agencies to follow. It also greatly enhanced the citizens’ experience with the government.”
Robi George Co-Founder and Director of Consulting at FlowBuilders

Using Workato, FlowBuilders orchestrated multiple innovative workflows across systems used by NSW Government agencies that are designed to reduce errors (which led to delays) and eliminate tedious manual work.

For the NSW Government, this means enhanced data accuracy, response speed and agility when it comes to serving the people of NSW!

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