Get Your itDuzzit Integrations Transferred and Running in Days, Not Months

When the discontinuation of itDuzzit as a standalone integration product was announced the Workato team began working with the itDuzzit team to help prepare for transitioning itDuzzit customers to Workato. One of the top concerns for customers is the amount of time it will take to get the integrations they had working for them up and running on a different platform. Meet Ken Boley, a lawyer who allotted one month for the transition to Workato and found himself enjoying his automated workflow via Workato in just 4 days!

Ken’s Story


Tell us a little about your business:
I’m a Lawyer. Essentially, I’m a one-man technology law firm.

How are you using your apps?
I use QuickBooks for accounting but it doesn’t have a good time tracker, so I use Toggl. Every attorney needs to track their time, so I went and got Itduzzit years ago. They wrote an integration for me that moves my time from Toggl into QuickBooks automatically and confirms the transfer daily by email. When Itduzzit announced it was shutting down, I had to scramble.

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*This recipe uses a custom Toggl connector, so certain actions may not be view-able by the public

Tell me a little about the transition from Itduzzit:
Itduzzit recommended Workato so I contacted you guys and Grace got back to me very quickly. She asked a few questions over the phone. Then Eeshan figured out what my integration was going to do and we put it together and now it works. It was as simple as that!

How long did the transition take?
I allotted a whole month because transitions can be tricky, but the integration was basically created in a day and we spent the next few days cleaning it up and testing. I talked to Eeshan on the 31st of March and it was working by April 5th, so less than a week! It was a very easy process, I already knew what I wanted, and it was quick and easy to implement. The Workato folks got right on it.

What are the biggest benefits of Workato’s integration?

It makes QuickBooks (QBO) work better for me by adding Toggl’s time-tracking, which saves me the time of manually transferring my Toggl time to QBO. I go by the hour as an attorney, and Toggle gives me a timer I can start and stop, something QBO doesn’t offer.  An old-school lawyer writes it down on a legal pad and then types it into the time tracking system or QBO, and it’s terrible, really clunky. This is much easier.

The time saving aspect is another big advantage. My integration was up and running in about 4 to 5 days, compared to the full month I allotted.  Without it, I’d have to open up my Toggl on one screen, QBO on the other and copy and paste. My time is my commodity, so eliminating work like this is key.


The end-of-life date for itDuzzit will be July 15, 2016. If you are planning on switching over from Itduzzit, check out our FAQ’s with our VP of Business Development, Markus Zirn or register for a webinar to show you how Workato works. We’ll have your apps working together in minutes, not months!

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