How Broadcom’s IT Team Uses Automation to Reimagine the Employee Journey

Broadcom uses IT automation to power the employee journey

Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO) is a leading designer, developer, and global supplier of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions. Their products power a wide range of technologies, from enterprise-grade networking hardware to the smartphones we use every day. Named a Forbes 100 Digital Company in 2018, Broadcom has over 14,000 employees and 16 offices worldwide.

As businesses like Broadcom continue to push towards digital transformation, IT’s role within the organization changes dramatically. In fact, more than 75% of IT professionals say that pressure on their processes is increasing (according to a Freeform Dynamics study).

Because IT teams need to accomplish more with the same resources (or perhaps even fewer, as IT budgets begin to shrink), they’re increasingly turning to automation as a solution. But incorporating automation into your IT workflows is often easier said than done. Many teams hope that they can automate away manual work, only to be disappointed with the number of resources that traditional tools require or the steep learning curve they must overcome before the tool is truly useful.

Broadcom is perceived as one of the most efficient companies on the market, so it’s only natural their IT team would have a keen understanding of the need for automation. Over the past several months, they’ve embraced an executive vision for automation across the organization. By leveraging Workato’s intelligent automation platform, the Broadcom IT team has completed several large-scale automation projects (such as fully automating VPN provisioning) quickly, without straining their developer resources.

Now, they’re sharing their insights and perspective with you. In this one-of-a-kind webinar, they’ll talk about:

  • Their framework for evaluating automation and integration tools
  • How they prioritize which integrations and automations to build
  • Their view of IT’s role in creating a smooth employee journey
  • How they use automation to provision VPNs in just 9 seconds
  • Best practices for embarking on your own automation journey

Learn how Broadcom uses IT automation to drive one of the most efficient companies: Watch the full webinar here >