Automations We Love: How Canada’s #1 Luxury Retailer Refines the Shopping Experience and Hires Intelligently with Automated Customer Feedback

A luxury retailer uses automated customer feedback to hire more intelligently.

For many companies, the customer experience isn’t just an afterthought; it’s a point of pride. It’s also an important way for businesses to distinguish themselves from the competition. This is especially true in retail, where customers have many options to choose from.

But offering the best in-store experiences can be a challenge. You have to start by understanding what your customers want. This usually involves collecting real customer feedback. Then you have to analyze that feedback and draw conclusions so you can tweak the customer journey. The entire process can be complicated and time-consuming.

For companies that don’t have a full-time team of data scientists on call, automation can simplify the process of gathering, parsing, and implementing customer feedback. Here’s a look at how a luxury retailer uses automation to refine their in-store experience.

Who? Canada’s #1 luxury department store

What are they doing with Workato? Moving data from a customer survey app into to Workday, automatically associating it with the correct employee profiles, and intelligently analyzing with tools like Watson.

Challenge: As a high-end department store, it isn’t just selling physical merchandise; the company prides itself on delivering excellent customer experiences. They needed to move customer survey data into Workday for analysis and storage.


  • Customer survey results are automatically synced with Workday
  • Workato associates survey results with the correct employees based on unique identifiers
  • Data is also pushed into other programs, like data visualization tools


  • Better tracking of customer experience trends and a complete customer 360°
  • Identify employees who provide exceptional service while intelligently escalating service complaints via Slack
  • Easier identification of trends in other areas, like supply chain management, for a retail experience that is improved from end-to-end

Seamlessly Collecting Customer Feedback and Moving it Into Workday

A luxury retailer uses automated customer feedback to hire more intelligently.

Canada’s #1 luxury department store features a wide array of designer and upscale goods, as well as a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

In order to help refine the shopping experience, the store asks customers to complete a survey after each visit. The survey allows each client to rate the service, expertise, and demeanor of the staff member who assisted them during their visit.

But this raw survey data was difficult for the company to digest. To gain actionable insights from the data, they needed to move the survey results into their HR platform Workday. Moving the data was necessary so that managers could easily see how well their employees were performing, identify trends and gaps in service, and keep accurate records for legal purposes.

Using Workato, the company connected Workday with its survey app. Survey results now flow into the Workday and are associated with the correct employee’s profile based on their employee identifier. Workato leverages Watson to parse the customer’s feedback. If there’s an especially poor review, Workato will automatically flag a manager via Slack or email so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Refining the Customer Experience with Intelligent Data Analysis

With these automated customer feedback workflows, the company can fine-tune its signature in-store experience based on real customers’ tastes and preferences. These workflows have allowed the retailer to track customer experience trends and see a complete customer 360°.

This workflow also helps the retailer identify staff members who dedicate themselves to providing excellent experiences while streamlining the escalation process for service complaints. This means the company can make more intelligent decisions about which workers to keep on. Because the retailer frequently hires many seasonal workers during busy times, this data is especially useful in deciding which employees should be re-hired or transitioned to full-time positions.

Most importantly, Workato helps the retailer push this data into other programs, like data visualization tools, so they can identify trends in other departments—such as supply chain management. The result is a retail experience that is constantly being refined based on actual customer feedback!

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