Automations We Love: How a Leading Cloud Infrastructure Company Streamlines Deprovisioning with Workato

While it might not be as exciting as onboarding a new worker, deprovisioning is an equally important part of the employee lifecycle. When it comes to unstructured data like files, however, it can be tough to execute deprovisioning processes that are both secure and efficient. You don’t want to lose important content just because an employee has left your organization—but you still need to disable their access to that content in a timely fashion. Manually transferring the content not only takes too many resources but can also put you at a significant security risk.

Just as it can streamline your onboarding, intelligent automation can make your deprovisioning processes smoother, faster, and more secure. Here’s how a leading cloud infrastructure company uses Workato to automatically transfer content when an employee is deprovisioned.

Who? A leading cloud infrastructure company

What are they doing with Workato? Transferring the contents of key Box folders before an employee is deprovisioned

Challenge: Employees at the company often use secure Box folders to store collateral related to their jobs. When an employee is off-boarded, the company needed an easy way to revoke their folder access without losing the content within.


  • When an employee’s status changes to “inactive” in Workday, Workato automatically reassigns their Box folders before Okta deletes their Box account.


  • Other team members do not lose access to key content
  • Employees are seamlessly deprovisioned with no manual when an employee leaves the company

Seamlessly Deprovisioning Employees and Transferring Folder Ownership

A leading cloud infrastructure company helps customers manage hybrid cloud environments centrally and efficiently. The company is growing rapidly—with 4,000 employees and counting. Because the company is expanding so quickly, it needed to streamline its provisioning (and deprovisioning) processes so they could be executed smoothly and securely.

Employees at the company generate a lot of content, and they often store this content in Box folders. When an employee leaves the organization, however, they lose access to their folders as part of the deprovisioning process.

This creates a problem for their team (and the company as a whole), who often need to access the content that was stored in those folders. Moving this content manually was not an option, because it would be too much work and not secure enough.

As a solution, the company turned to Workato to automate the transfer of this content to other folders. Now, whenever an employee’s status changes to “inactive” in Workday, Workato automatically reassigns their Box folders before Okta deletes their Box account. This way, the company can securely transfer and retain important content during deprovisioning—with no manual work!

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