Introducing Workato

An app renaissance

We’re living in an application renaissance.  The explosive growth of cloud-based apps has changed the way we work: anyone can source a ridiculously easy-to-use app that performs a single task insanely well.  There are 5 million businesses in the US alone that have built app collections ranging from around 10 to as many as 500.  Whatever your business needs, there’s an app for that.

But the problem is apps are like steering wheels.  Steering wheels are only valuable to a driver when they are connected to other parts of the car.  Apps are the same way: to realize their full value, apps must be connected to other parts of the business.  Think about the last time your company made a sale.  From when an order is placed to the time cash gets into your account, many apps need to be involved: sales, accounting, customer support, shipping, payment apps and more are all part of a single machine.  When apps work in isolation, their individual value is diminished.  Businesses can’t function well without coherent integration between their apps.

Why the world needs recipes

App integration is a pain; a huge one.  It can even cost more than the apps themselves.  Integration can take a long, long time–much longer than getting going with the apps, during which time interactions between apps is manual and inefficient.  And anytime you want to make a change to how apps work together, an external service provider or consultant has to do it for you.

Enough is enough.

We believe app integration doesn’t need to be this way anymore.  We designed Workato to deliver the power of automation without needing to be an IT extraordinaire.  Workato is a knowledge bank of recipes: custom connections between apps.  Integration is now do-it-yourself so that you—without IT—can automate work across your apps.  Recipes are simple, yet powerful, and easily adaptable to your business.

Even though Workato is do-it-yourself, it’s not do-it-alone.  It is a community-oriented service: recipes are free to use, easy to find, and share with others in the business community.  We believe an open community leads to high-quality recipes.  It also allows you to connect with users who face similar integration problems to share recipes, knowledge, and tips.  Connect as many apps together as you’d like.  Build as many steps within a single recipe as you need.  Run as many recipes you want.  No trial period. No catch, we promise.


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We created this blog, Workhacks, to help take the app renaissance to the next level.  We want you to work with us to solve the challenge of app integration by joining our Launch Team.  If you want to take back your work-life, request an invitation below.  You’ll find out about our latest news before the public and get early access to new product features and launches before anyone else.

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In the mean time, let Workato recipes automate your work between apps.  Start exploring and let us know what you think by email or comments below.

Vijay Tella

CEO, Workato