Author: Miranda Yeo

How CyCognito plays offense in cybersecurity by blending performance and usability at scale

Ansh Patnaik, the CPO at CyCognito, breaks down their offensive strategy during a recent Confessions of a CPO webinar.

How Applaud built a platform that helps clients reignite their legacy HR systems

Duncan Casemore, Applaud's CTO, breaks down the 3 requirements their platform had to meet.

On-premise vs cloud: the differences to keep in mind and why integration is key to both

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages between the two, as well as when it makes sense to integrate them.

Why our team at implemented Workato

Learn everything from their evaluation criteria to their early experiences with us to their plans for using our platform.

How Standav used Workato to transform their client’s Lead-to-Cash process

Learn why a software company in the restaurant space wanted to automate their Lead-to-Cash and how they did so with Workato.

The ultimate guide to legacy systems

Learn about the issues they cause, your options for modernizing them, and when you should integrate them with modern apps.

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