Author: Anna Kelley

Laying the foundation for scalability: Sen Rong Poh

Sen Rong shares his unique experience and success at Workato, where he's laid the foundation for our Business Technology team.

What are the different types of APIs? Here’s what you need to know

We'll align on the definition of an API, review the main types of web APIs, and breakdown web services and their architectures.

What is an ESB? And how does it fall short of your integration needs?

As cloud-based platforms continue to lead the digital transformation, and CRMs, ERP tools, and HCM systems become more sophisticated in...

iPaaS vs ESB: how they differ and why you should look beyond both

The high number of apps employees use to perform their daily tasks and the frequency with which they have to...

Insight-driven automation at Equinix

Like many companies that utilize both high-performance employees and systems in FinOps, RevOps, and IT, Equinix—a digital infrastructure company—recognizes that...

How Latch unlocked their opportunity-to-cash process

Latch’s multi-faceted, high-growth performance requires a digital ecosystem that’s powerful, agile, and perhaps most importantly, easily customizable. But, Latch—the maker...

Bringing an automation mindset to finance

Mike Flynn, the Head of Enterprise Automation at Rapid7, had a “zombie” problem. The employees at Rapid7—a company that offers...

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