Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Feb 6, 2024

Page Data Pills and Conditionals in Workflow Apps

Users can now build dynamic pages in Workflow Apps by using data pills in their pages. Available data includes:

  1. User data (e.g. user name, user id, and email)
  2. Request data (e.g. request stage, request created by user, request data columns)
  3. Page data (e.g. any editable fields on the current page)

Data pills can be used to create conditional logic in pages just like with recipes. This enables dynamic functionality like:

  • Personalizing page messaging to the current user
  • Showing/hiding certain components based on page data (e.g. display an input field if other is selected in drop down)
  • Constructing dynamic URLs with embedded data from current page
  • Making page components required or readonly based on other answers within a page
Jan 22, 2024

‘Repeat While’ loops added for all workspaces

Users can now set any condition using the standard interface to decide if actions inside loop should be executed an additional time. Actions inside the loop will be executed at least one time. Applications include pagination, repeating a fixed number of times, and repeating until condition is met. Read more about Repeat While loops here.

Jan 22, 2024

Relation columns in Table Storage now included in import/export

Tables imported or exported through Recipe Lifecycle Management (RLCM) now include relational/linked column data if present.

Dec 21, 2023

Search/filter by relations column in Table Storage

Relations columns allow you to link multiple data tables together with Workato Table Storage. Now, you can search and filter by the values in those relations columns, unlocking many use cases involving interconnected data tables. This functionality is available both in the Table Storage connector and UI, creating a seamless navigation experience for linked data tables.

Dec 4, 2023

Error Info Datapills Update

We've added three data pills to the on error step of the error catch block: errored app, errored action, and errored step number.

These new datapills allow you to expand your error handling with conditional logic based on the which part of your recipe encountered an error.


AI by Workato Connector

We announced AI by Workato earlier this year and have been working hard to bring it to everyone. We are excited to announce today that it is available to everyone!

The AI by Workato Connector enables you to leverage the power of generative AI in your workflows to perform actions like:

  • Draft emails
  • Route tickets
  • Extract structured data from text
  • Summarize and answer questions source texts
  • Analyze sentiment

With great power, comes great responsibility so the connector is currently limited to 100 action invocations per day. Reach out to your customer success representative to request access.

Nov 22, 2023

Introducing AssistIQ – Your Smart Product Companion!

AssistIQ is a new in-product companion with all the resources you need to succeed in Workato. With AssistIQ, users can discover the latest updates, search docs, discover new features, explore new automation ideas, and register for webinars without leaving the current page or task.

To give maximum flexibility, users can move their documentation search window anywhere they like, allowing them to navigate documentation while building all from the same window.

AssistIQ will show each user content based on their interests, journey with Workato, and persona, ensuring the content is always relevant. Check it out today by clicking on the AssistIQ button in the lower right of the Workato UI!


Batch publish and new API for Workato PubSub

We are releasing two Workato PubSub updates to more efficiently handle large volumes of events:

First, the new batch publish action allows you to send a batch of up to 100 events to a PubSub topic within one action. It's a valuable addition the Workato PubSub connector to go alongside the existing batch trigger.

Second, the PubSub API was moved to a totally new microservice resulting in increased throughput and up to a 50% latency decrease. The new API is now available on a new domain, Note that the old API version is still in operation and that both versions share the same auth tokens, data format, and endpoints to make it simple to migrate to the new API.


Custom webhook responses for custom connectors

With custom webhook responses, Workato Connector SDK developers can now build webhook triggers with custom responses to ensure triggers conform to their destination application.

This allows developers to create real-time triggers to applications like Microsoft, Facebook, and Adobe that require targets to respond in a specific format, making the Workato Connector SDK even more flexible.

This feature is available today for any dynamic webhook triggers created with the Workato Connector SDK.


Private communities now ready for EU data center

Our Embedded Private Community feature is now available in all of Workato's data centers, including US, EU, JP, SG, and AU data centers. With Private Community, users can choose the apps and recipes customers see as they browse for community recipes.