Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

May 8, 2023

Create magic with OpenAI and automations

Always looking for innovative ways to use ChatGPT in our work, we're thrilled to introduce OpenAI as one of our connectors!

This means you can now power all kinds of workflows with OpenAI’s AI models. We’re starting off with 5 new actions that you can use right away—and we’ll be adding more soon—including the ability to use the same model that powers the conversational ChatGPT. 


Safely retrieve secrets and API tokens, with HashiCorp Vault

We’re excited to share that Workato now supports HashiCorp Vault secrets engine, a security feature many of our customers have been asking for.

HashiCorp Vault is an external secrets manager that lets you store and retrieve passwords and API tokens in a secure way. And trust us, this comes in super handy when you create or update a connection on Workato.

Here’s a quick guide on setting it up for your workspaces.

May 2, 2023

Publish and consume PubSub topics with APIs

We've just introduced APIs for PubSub. This means you can have 3rd party applications directly publish to and consume events from a PubSub topic, making it easier than ever to keep everything in sync.


Configuration wizard now available for custom actions

With a new configuration wizard, creating custom actions for connectors is now easier. It guides users through the setup—from testing endpoints, and generating schemas, to customizing error messages.

Mar 31, 2023

Workato Event Streams (PubSub) message size now higher at 512KB

For instances that need a higher payload capacity, the message size for Workato Event Stream events has been increased to 512KB.

Mar 2, 2023

Jumpstart your Workato journey with Accelerators

Accelerate your automations’ time to value with pre-packaged solutions. Accelerators offer frameworks and best practices for common patterns like data hub, AI/ML-powered automations, robust error, exception handling, and more.

Start exploring Accelerators on Workato now.


Automation ideas for 350+ connectors

Get inspired by popular use case recipes, now available with connectors in the community library. Simply reuse them as they are—or tweak the recipes to fit your needs.

Now available to US customers. Support for users in Europe, Asia and Japan coming soon.

Feb 28, 2023

Enhanced Workato Event Streams (PubSub) admin UI with control and monitoring capabilities

The new Workato Event Stream (PubSub) admin UI comes with an activity log for greater visibility—as well as the ability to preview messages,  change topics' retention period and reset (purge) topics.

Read all about Workato Event Streams in docs.

Feb 23, 2023

Dark mode now available for all users

Users can now choose between light mode, dark mode, or to match your browser’s theme. To change your mode, open your settings page, go to “Account” and scroll down to find “Theme preferences”.

Feb 15, 2023

SSO access to support site for data centers in EU and APAC

Users in all non-US data centers (EU, SG, JP) can now access our support site using single sign-on (SSO), making it easier to access Automation Institute, participate in forums, and submit support tickets.