Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Jun 10, 2024

Addition of option to send email notification for assigned tasks and task URL datapill

When assigning a task to a user or user group in a Workflow App recipe, you can now select if you would like to send an email notification or not. 

Additionally, a request’s dataset now includes a Task URL. This URL can be retrieved from a Search requests action, within the Active Task object.

Jun 10, 2024

Expanded flexibility for Workflow Apps data tables

Workflow Apps data tables can now have a maximum of 100 columns, versus 50 columns previously.

Additionally, checkboxes and dropdowns can now serve as purely page controls and not be linked to a table column, to preserve data columns and increase readability of the table.

Apr 30, 2024

Custom column filtering for Workflow Apps portal

When in a Workflow App, you can now filter by any of the columns visible to your role within the app, and bookmark a preferred view based on the filters set.

Examples include filtering to expenses or procurement requests above a certain dollar threshold, or narrowing down to onboarding employees in a particular department.

Mar 14, 2024

Dependent dropdowns in Workflow apps pages

When building pages for a workflow app, you can now filter dropdown options by another page or request datapill.

Examples include showing options for cities filtered by a country dropdown, subcategories filtered by a parent category, or car makes filtered by models.

Feb 13, 2024

In-app communication now available in Workflow Apps

Users can now use comments to communicate about requests in the Workflow apps portal. This addition enables users to collaborate on requests without leaving the apps portal. Comments are displayed alongside the request status changes, providing an easy view to see how a request is progressing.

Comments work out of the box and do not require any configuration. Each comment also creates an email notification for users involved in the particular request.


Page Data Pills and Conditionals in Workflow Apps

Users can now build dynamic pages in Workflow Apps by using data pills in their pages. Available data includes:

  1. User data (e.g. user name, user id, and email)
  2. Request data (e.g. request stage, request created by user, request data columns)
  3. Page data (e.g. any editable fields on the current page)

Data pills can be used to create conditional logic in pages just like with recipes. This enables dynamic functionality like:

  • Personalizing page messaging to the current user
  • Showing/hiding certain components based on page data (e.g. display an input field if other is selected in drop down)
  • Constructing dynamic URLs with embedded data from current page
  • Making page components required or readonly based on other answers within a page
Jan 19, 2024

Workflow Apps now includes ability to update a linked table within request

With the new table component you can display, create, and update records of a linked data table while working with a request. This unlocks use cases like SKU/inventory updates, expense reimbursements, and others where you need to create or update multiple items in a single request.

This page component is now available for all workspaces with Workflow Apps enabled.



New App Management Experience for Workflow Apps

We have made our Workflow Apps so much easier to create from scratch and manage with the new App view! Everything related to a workflow app now resides in a single project tab: stages of a workflow process, related app pages, data layer for the app, and automation recipes with business logic.

The updates include:

  • New App View that is available for all your existing and future app-based projects
  • Configurable tabs to show additional information for the app or design alternative request pages
  • Selection of a page became optional in Workflow Apps connector actions since pages are now directly assigned to specific workflow stages

New Customization Features for Workflow Apps

Our Workflow Apps just got more customizable with a number of new enhancements including:

Markup support - Customize text components with multi-line rich text created with simple markup syntax.

Embedding settings - Control where and how the apps portal can be embedded into other applications.

Worfklow Apps Connector - The workflow apps connector has been updated to support dynamically selecting group ID, allowing users to share the same task logic between groups.

Column customization - Control which data table columns are shown to which users, ensuring users are only presented with relevant information.


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