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How Lifeline redefined responsible automation


Peter Witt National Data and Support Services Manager

Now, we’ve got more time to spend on data quality and process improvement. These are the two big things that we’re getting out of Workato.

Peter Witt National Data and Support Services Manager


  • Existing data processes were too manual
  • Adjusting to new environments
  • Employees learning how to use a new system on top of existing workload

The impact of the pandemic brought about a series of challenges that Lifeline needed to navigate. The organization was moving their office from Canberra to Sydney, onboarding new employees due to the move, transitioning employees to a work from home environment, and also implementing Salesforce, a new CRM system that employees needed to adjust to.

While Lifeline’s employees experienced these internal changes, on the frontend, the organization also expanded their services to provide better care to their beneficiaries. In addition, they were working with more individuals and organizations who contributed to their fundraising projects.

As National Data and Support Services Manager at Lifeline, part of Peter Witt’s responsibilities include working closely with the Marketing and Fundraising teams to deliver fundraising projects.

Peter and his team are in charge of documenting donors’ information and the type of donation made through the fundraising projects. However, the existing process was too manual. Lifeline receives donation data from multiple systems including Facebook, Funraisin, GiveEasy, Grassrootz and a 3rd party platform. The data received is manually transferred into Salesforce, a CRM system that Lifeline uses.

The organization needed a solution that could help alleviate the manual workload from the data team, so they could spend more time on making improvements that deliver benefits to the fundraisers, and a better experience to Lifeline’s supporters.


  • Automate the financial donation documentation process
  • Automate the lead management process

Lifeline receives donations via 2 main platforms – GiveEasy and a 3rd party platform. With Workato, whenever a new financial donation is made, the donor’s information and the details of the donation are automatically synced to a CRM system - Salesforce.

To help support the Marketing team, Lifeline also integrated Salesforce with Facebook. With Workato, whenever a new lead interacts with a fundraising campaign on Facebook, their contact information is captured and automatically synced to Salesforce.

These project implementations were delivered by Workato’s partner, NobleCX.


  • Improved data quality and process
  • Ease of mind
  • Quicker time to market
  • Eliminate context switching
  • Time to focus on high-value work
  • Enhanced credit card security

Since automating the financial donation documentation process, Lifeline experienced several benefits:

  • Ease of mind – Business teams can freely run projects without having to worry about backend data management

  • Quicker time to market – It takes only between ½ a day to 2 days of developer time to go live with new integrations

  • More time to focus on high-value work – Manual data entry has been eliminated for these processes

  • Eliminate context switching – All technical work is consolidated into the Workato platform

  • Enhanced credit card security - Credit card information is no longer transmitted to the Lifeline environment

Workato is now the go-to solution for all new fundraising projects that require automations in Lifeline. Peter’s team is more equipped to support other business teams in easing administrative pressures, minimizing risks, and increasing morale. The organization looks forward to streamlining their processes organization-wide, and have multiple new automation projects in the pipeline.

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