Employee Onboarding By Dispatch Integration Initiate employee onboarding with a single click, automate the whole process

App provisioning, benefits, and HR processes are all handled in one interface.

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  • Problem

    Whenever a new employee is hired, HR managers have to coordinate with recruiters, hiring managers, IT, and facilities management to finalize the hire. For a high-growth company, this is a fragmented and tedious process.

  • Solution

    Workato allows you to make a decision on a candidate, send out the offer letter, provision software, create and monitor requests for hardware, and provide new hires everything they need to get started at work, in five minutes.

  • Impact

    Get assurance that each task and process that needs to be completed for a new hire to start successfully is getting executed. As a result, you’re able to direct your attention to more strategic and impactful work.

Solution Highlights

  • Speed up hiring and requisitioning
  • Keep track of all onboarding tasks
  • Automatic process management with notifications at milestones
  • Seamless first day experience
  • Allows access through a simple, familiar interface
  • slack ms_teams docusign

    Automate offer letter process

    Use collaboration tools to craft and send offer letters via DocuSign

  • workday sap

    Create and update Workday profiles

    Once an offer letter is signed, Workday creates a profile and enrolls the new hire

  • slack servicenow

    Communicate across teams

    Coordinate onboarding efforts in Slack, including tickets to IT and other cross-functional requests

  • okta gmail salesforce

    Provision apps instantly.

    In a single click, new employees are assigned the apps they need for Day 1

Shing Chyuan Tan

Shing Chyuan Tan

Regional IT Systems Engineer, Grab
“We’re automating this process so there’s no human involvement at all. Now we can automatically detect when an employee is added to the HR app, which will trigger user creation in apps automatically, based on that employee’s information in the HR app.”

Implementation Plan

  • 1

    Discovery & Research

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!