Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Jul 27, 2023

Push notifications to the right teammates

For the right notifications to reach the right people on your team, we’ve added new fields to our email notifications settings.

Jul 27, 2023

Workspace settings now available to admins

Jul 13, 2023

Automate your recipe tests

We’re happy to announce our new capability: test automation! Designed to help you save time and effort spent on manual tests, you can now create test cases to simulate recipe scenarios with mock data, and more

Jul 3, 2023

Automatically revoking accidentally leaked Developer API Tokens

The Developer API Client tokens are now integrated with GitHub’s secret scanning feature. When your API tokens are accidentally committed and found on public GitHub repositories, we will revoke them to block unauthorized access to your Workato workspace, and send your admins an email alert.

Find out more about this secret scanning feature.


Introducing a new interface for FileStorage

Our powerful, in-house storage and data integration solution FileStorage, enables you to store large files in your recipes with more ease. It now comes with a new interface for you to view and manage the files you store in recipes. Moreover, this makes it possible for you to organize your files and directories, or download them. 

Jun 19, 2023

On-prem Agent (OPA) 2.20.0 release

  • Security: upgraded middleware libraries Spring to 6.0.9, Jetty to 11.0.15, and Spring LDAP to 3.1.0.
  • Kafka: new real-time “New message in topic” single and batch triggers have been released, for better reliability in instances when a recipe is stopped and then started again. Previous triggers are still supported but now marked deprecated.
  • Kafka: a bug that caused misconfiguration with the sasl.jaas.config property has been fixed.
  • Redshift: microseconds to timestamps added to avoid row collisions.

See OPA Release Notes in docs.



Build enterprise-ready apps to streamline your workflows

Too many apps and not enough visibility? With Workflow Apps, you can build a single portal—no code needed—for your team’s workflows. Streamline these workflows and provide a bird’s eye view of what’s going on, whenever.


New RecipeOps trigger

Our RecipeOps connector has a new trigger, “On-prem agent disconnected”. It monitors your chosen on-prem group for agency connectivity issues, so when a network outage is detected or an agent process is killed, your recipe moves into action.


What’s new with connectors: May edition

Retrieve trigger closure values
Trigger closure values can now be retrieved when you get recipe details, or list recipes belonging to user. For Embedded users, you can do the same when getting a recipe or listing recipes in a customer’s account. 

Two new bulk triggers, “Export new records” and “Export new/updated records”, were added. To better handle large data volumes, streaming is used in these triggers. We also fixed a bug found in the “Monitor changes in a record” trigger. Now, each trigger record has its own record ID, even if it was edited in bulk on Salesforce.

Our input fields and output datapills have been updated to be more readable. And that error message that showed up when records had no properties? That bug’s been fixed.

Quick Base
Real-time triggers now rely on the webhook event directly when retrieving new records, instead of by polling.

Five new actions are now ready for Box Sign users to automate document signing requests. Plus, a new “Monitor sign requests” trigger to pick up on completed, expired, declined or bounced sign requests.

You can now enjoy the freedom of custom fields when deduplicating records with the “Bulk import leads from file” action.

Google BigQuery
Our select and insert actions weren’t displaying datapills as expected whenever a BigQuery table had a record type column. Also, the input field saw error when the polling schedule was set to monthly. But we’ve solved both issues now. 

Scheduler by Workato
To our Scheduler trigger, we’ve introduced a new datapill, “last job time”.

Custom actions related to gift cards have been enabled, and custom OAuth profiles are now supported. We’re also gearing up for an upgrade to the latest API version, so we’ve added pagination support and deprecated some output fields.

Transactional RFC support has been introduced, so you can run multiple RFCs or BAPIs in a single transaction—useful for making sure your data on SAP stays consistent.

Jun 5, 2023

New API call for secrets management

This API call clears the secrets management cache to retrieve the latest available credentials from your external secrets manager, whether that’s AWS Secrets Manager or Hashicorp Vault. This allows you to update your secrets regularly with no disruptions to active recipes.