Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Nov 28, 2022

File Streaming support for Custom Connector SDK

We introduce file streaming support for connector SDK. With this, custom connector builders can:

  • create triggers to download data sequentially in small chunks
  • create actions that can upload data sequentially in small chunks. 

This allows the transfer of large files between apps or file systems without worrying about hitting the size limit. By removing the previous file limits of 100-200MB, connectors can now stream large files upwards of 10GB, enabling you to automate more.

Nov 28, 2022

Limits on Webhook Gateway

Webhooks are a great way of responding to real-time triggers in other systems – through the use of our webhook-based connectors or by creating your own through the Custom Connector SDK. For many automations, a single or small set of updates will use a webhook to trigger your recipe.  This creates events that are sent to our webhook gateway that then creates a job.

Introducing Webhook Gateway Limits

However, some triggers may invoke thousands of webhooks – such as some bulk updates – that happened in the source system.  To ensure ongoing reliability and performance of the platform, we introduced Webhook Gateway Limits for cases where a large number or size of webhook events are created.  These new rate limits will be based on the number of events or memory you can send in a specific time interval.  

Oct 6, 2022

Workbot for Slack: Waiting for user input in Slack Modal Dialogs

Users can now handle user input of Slack Modal Dialogs in the same recipe.

How it works
The Workbot recipe job will suspend until the user provides input and closes the modal. The job continues to the next action when it receives the input; it does not run a separate command as a distinct recipe trigger.

What this means for users
This enables users to specify multiple steps of Workbot-user interaction in one recipe, streamlining logic, reducing the number of recipes, and avoiding artificial and unnecessary bot commands.