Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Jan 17, 2024

Embedded API Enhancements

Embedded API for Jobs: You can now view recipe job information in customer workspaces. Two new endpoints are now available for a specific recipe in a customer's account - one to retrieve a list of that recipe's aggregated job information and one to retrieve one single job's metadata information by its job handle.

Delete Projects: Delete projects from your workspace after deploying to your customer accounts. This action deletes a project and all of its contents (folders, recipes, connections, and workflow apps assets).

Delete Folders: Delete folders from customer workspaces. This action deletes a folder and all of its contents (recipes and connections).

Copy a Recipe: You can now copy an existing recipe in Workato based on its recipe ID.

Dec 6, 2023

Have strict security and compliance policies? Restrict your collaborator’s access to their personal workspaces today!

Starting today, we're allowing our users to opt in remove access to their collaborator's personal Workato workspaces so that they'll only be able to build inside of pre-approved  workspace. For companies with strict security and compliance protocols, we highly recommend opting in to this security update as this leaves no action taken by your collaborators unlogged and unauditable. This change is compatible with both direct and embed customer accounts.

For maximum activity logging, we recommend setting up audit log streaming too!


Private communities now ready for EU data center

Our Embedded Private Community feature is now available in all of Workato's data centers, including US, EU, JP, SG, and AU data centers. With Private Community, users can choose the apps and recipes customers see as they browse for community recipes.

Sep 26, 2023

Granular Role-Based Access Control in the Embedded Admin Console

Embedded Admins can now grant varying access rights to different features of the Embedded Admin Console, including granular permissions to view, manage or delete Customer Accounts, Customer Managers, and Shared Connectors, as well as view or manage permissions to Usage Metrics and other settings. These permissions can be found when creating a custom Collaborator Role within the Admin workspace.

Sep 20, 2023

Introducing Public Key Rotation via API

Our commitment to security is unwavering. In this exciting release, we're introducing an API endpoint that allows customers to seamlessly rotate public keys used for JWT tokens.

Key Features & Changes:

  • Public Key Rotation via API: Enhance your security posture by rotating your RSA Public Key directly through our new API, without the need to communicate them in plain text.
  • Retrieve Your Workato Embedded Vendor ID: In the API response, you can easily retrieve the vendor_id, which provides the essential Workato Embedded Vendor ID for JWT.
  • Updated Terminology: We're continuously improving clarity! The term previously known as the OEM Vendor API Key has now been renamed to "Workato Embedded Vendor ID" in our documentation.
Aug 1, 2023

Enhanced API Capabilities for Manifests

We're thrilled to announce advancements to the Embedded API via the Export Manifests API. Dive into advanced operations as you "create, retrieve, update, and delete" export manifests. Not only does it handle asset transfers efficiently, but it also kicks off export operations by generating builds and creating package zip files.