Back-to-Office Accelerator

By Workato

Help your employees return to the office post-pandemic

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Digital Business

As workers return to the office, your business needs to ensure its workspaces continue to meet COVID-19 health guidelines, including company policies and local and federal mandates.

The Back-to-Office Accelerator is a package of automation recipes that lets employees submit their vaccination records, reserve workspaces, and accomplish other tasks with Workbot, Workato’s platform bot for Slack and Microsoft Teams. It also automates the backend processes that validate vaccinations, monitor office capacity, and trace contact.

Features include:

  • HIPAA-compliant document management so you can collect, validate, and store vaccination records in a safe, secure process.
  • Flexible reservation approval policies that let administrators control how employees reserve space to flexibly manage office capacity and social distancing.
  • User tracking for monitoring employee interactions in the office and maintaining a record of who is sharing space if contact tracing is ever required.

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