Approvals bot for Slack & MS Teams

By Workato

Faster and easier approvals by utilizing Slack and Teams

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Today’s managers are bombarded with emails and notifications of approvals from a multitude of applications, many of which have their own approval workflows. The general process is the same across any application but the experience for the designated approver is unique in each app. This leads to challenges accessing, locating, and approving these requests resulting in frustration and significant time wasted by the leaders of the organization.

The Approvals bot for Slack and MS Teams is an Accelerator that provides your team with pre-built Slack or MS Teams bots that automatically consolidate approval requests from across your systems into a single place for your leaders to review and approve.

Features include:

  • Pre-built approval workflows using established recipes for approval bots and the ability to rapidly connect to any application that supports integration approvals.
  • Customizable notifications & alerting to message the right people in the appropriate channels whether it be an email, a message on Slack and Teams or some other method.
  • Extensive connectivity with out-of-the box support for thousands of applications and the ability to create custom connectors leveraging the Workato SDK.

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