Support Automation Edition

Deliver better customer experiences with intelligent automation

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Starter workflows

Customer Intelligence

True 360° - Connect the entire Customer Journey for end-to-end insights

Stay up to date on every touchpoint by having all customer data in one place. Capture in-product data from multiple sources and receive packaged insights to predict churn and automatically create tickets when users hit roadblocks.



Customer Messaging


Mean time to Resolution

Intelligent Support Bot - Escalate and resolve issues from Slack

Context switching kills productivity. Now you can have tickets escalated in real-time and resolve them directly from the apps you use most.



Project Management

Customer-driven engineering

Integrate Customer Feedback Straight into your Products

No need to duplicate work. Integrate your support apps with your development tools to close the loop for bugs and enhancement related support issues.

Customer Feedback


Project Management

Churn Prediction

Issue Prevention - Be proactive and preempt churn

Use AI to predict issues or the potential for churn and engage with users when it matters most.

User Activity



Go live implementation

Vision to production in weeks

  • 1

    Discovery Workshop
    (1-2 hrs)

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building session (1-4hrs)

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Pre-roll out testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!

Package includes

  • Connectors for Support related systems
  • Starter Support workflows & 10,000+ community automations
  • Implementation workshops
  • AL/ML Workbot
  • Forum, email, chat and phone support (concierge service available)
Starting at $1499/month

billed annually