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Customer Intelligence

True 360° - Connect the entire Customer Journey for end-to-end insights

Keep up with your customers every step of the funnel. Stay up to date on every touchpoint by having all customer data in one place.

Used by Top HR Platform

Customer Messaging



conversion increase

Automate Customer Sentiment Analysis with AI

Increase customer satisfaction by determining sentiment with AI to triage the urgency of support requests.



increase in customer satisfaction

Automate actions to improve your NPS

Workato helps you automate NPS survey follow-ups that directly improve your score via targeted responses and individual answers.




increase in NPS
Mean time to Resolution

Integrate Customer Feedback Straight into your Products

No need to duplicate work. Integrate your support apps with your development tools to close the loop for bug and enhancement related support issues.

Used by Top HR Platform


Project Management

weeks of coding eliminated

Intelligent Support Bot - Escalate and resolve issues from Slack

Context switching kills productivity. Now you can have tickets escalated in real-time and resolve them directly from the apps you use most.



Project Management

increase in productivity
Issue Prevention

Issue Prevention - Be proactive and preempt churn

Use AI to predict issues or the potential for churn and engage with users when it matters most.

User Activity



decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost
Internal IT/Support

Internal Help Desk - Create, manage, resolve requests

Increase efficiency by enabling teams to make requests and file tickets from Slack. Support agents can collaborate directly in the channel to resolve issues.



Project Management

increase in productivity
Custom solution

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Our Customers Innovate

See how our customers have used their imagination to transform how they work

  • #1 Accounting Software Company

    Internal Knowledge-Base with Bots and NLU

    Automated knowledge-base that understands user intent and searches across multiple sources of info all from Slack. Unanswered questions are escalated to a subject matter expert.

  • #1 Worldwide Retailer

    Automated Health Check for IoT Devices

    Monitoring system for IoT devices in distribution centers that logs errors and automatically creates support tickets that are routed directly to the 3rd party service providers.

  • #1 Casual Restaurant Chain

    A.I. Powered Voice Support

    Enhanced voicemail system that parses through support-related messages to identify service issues, understand sentiment, and create support tickets.

  • Top National Retailer

    End-to-end Order and Return Automation

    Order fulfillment and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system that seamlessly keeps the finance, the support, and the e-commerce sites all in sync without manual data entry.

  • Leading Cafe Chain

    Proactive Support for Hardware

    Predictive support system for in-store, self-service kiosks that logs performance and automatically creates support tickets without having to manually check devices.

  • Automate Everything

    Automate Everything

    With 350+ of the most popular apps supported, our intelligent integrations do all the work for you.

  • No Coding Required

    No Coding Required

    Get your work done faster without relying on other teams. Anyone can build and create automated solutions.

  • IT Approved

    IT Approved

    Our enterprise-grade platform offers governance, security, and compliance features expected by your IT department.

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