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Support teams save 15 min. per ticket on average with Workato

Customer Service teams are there to support your customers, but they also need support to do their jobs at full capacity. Keeping customer satisfaction high relies not only on your service reps, but also on the ability of your business processes to perform smoothly and solve issues quickly. Give your support team the tools they need to solve problems efficiently and quickly.
“Workato's integration with Jira, Zendesk, and Slack has had a significant positive impact for my support team. Everyday, in the day to day work of the agent, they really notice the difference. They can concentrate on the problems that are reported and they don’t have to remind themselves to send notifications to this team or that team. We consistently have an above 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating and Workato has allowed us to concentrate on providing the best support to keep that approval rating high.”
Carlos Santos, Jumia
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Connect your apps For intelligent support
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Explore innovative customer support automations
Reverse logistics
If you support a physical product, you will have to handle fulfillment-related support such as returns and exchanges. Workato integrates your support app with your ERP and supply chain apps to support such exception processes.
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Team-sourcing answer
Sometimes a support issue requires knowledge from an expert employee or a specific team. Giving your support employees easy access to the entire ecosystem of your business can add support power beyond the regular processes, allowing issues to get solved faster and increase customer satisfaction.
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Inside Workato's Kitchen
Setting our customer service team up for success
See the Workato integrations that make our company run everyday
Inside Workato’s Kitchen is a serialized account of how we use our own product to significantly increase productivity and enhance the many cloud apps we use. It explores each branch of the company from Sales and Marketing, to Customer Support and Accounting.
Saving time for every support rep through automation
Our Support Reps not only interface with customers but also need to work with the development team to get technical issues solved. Workato integrations save our support team hours each week, allowing them to maintain a median response time of 3 minutes to inquiries during working hours and inform other team experts of issues without context switching.
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Automate your support process with no code.

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