Hiring Automation Identify and recruit the best candidates with hiring automation

Recruiting automation transforms the fragmented and manual process of adding players to your team.

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  • Problem

    Hiring new employees comes at the cost of time and effort. Keeping track of the best talent in a competitive market requires more resources than one individual has to expend.

  • Solution

    Automate the entire recruiting process from end-to-end. Weave together everything from resume review and interview scheduling to candidate feedback and generating the offer letter.

  • Impact

    Speed up the hiring process so that you can focus resources and energy toward making the most of the employee experience. Bring consistency, fluidity, and order to a once-disparate process.

Solution Highlights

  • Reduce the time from phone screen to offer
  • Maintain up-to-date job postings
  • Continually sync your talent management and HR apps
  • Conduct HR processes in a single interface - Slack, MS Teams and other collaboration tools
  • linkedin

    Recruiting automation

    Keep your job postings up-to-date, sync information across systems, and manage how you attract talent

  • calendly

    Schedule interviews rapidly

    Quit the back-and-forth entanglement of scheduling calls and meetings - the source of many headaches

  • docusign

    End-to-end tracking

    From the first touch to the offer letter, track where a candidate stands in the process

  • workato

    Shift from survival to strategy

    With hiring streamlined and managed, you can direct your energy directed toward more strategic initiatives

Shawn Song

Shawn Song

Corporate IT Architect, Grab
“We've saved almost 3,000 man-hours since we onboarded Workato.”

Implementation Plan

  • 1

    Discovery & Research

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!