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  • Problem

    Because your CRM data is inaccurate, with duplicates, and a formatting nightmare, you can't take effective action on it. As a result, your outbound campaigns struggle and fail to convert to their potential.

  • Solution

    Merge reports between your sales and marketing CRMs so that the data is synced across apps. With this integration, you get better insights into your campaigns and improve both marketing strategy and performance.

  • Impact

    Spend time on the leads that matter, get functional reporting that serves up actionable insights, and turn captured data into higher conversion rates.

Solution Highlights

  • Get a reliable, enriched and symmetrical database across your tech stack
  • Make your systems talk to each other for a holistic and live view of all data points
  • Increase conversion rates and reduce the number of unsubscribes through personalization
  • Free up time through automation of reporting, to focus on activities that add more value to your organization
  • marketo

    Improve leads in Marketo

    Use Workato and Hoosh to cleanse poor leads, enrich good ones, and consolidate duplicates

  • salesforce ms_dynamic crm

    Sync with CRM

    Use Marketo with your sales CRM data to update and create sales insights for your reps to use

  • slack ms_teams

    Get real-time updates

    Track accounts, prospects, opportunities, leads, etc. through real-time notifications in your collaboration app

  • ms_powerbi analytics

    Track and create better campaigns

    Use full-stack analysis to find true campaign ROIs and craft more effective campaigns

Kelly Jamienson

Kelly Jamienson

Founder & Managing Director, Edible Blooms
“If we didn’t have help from Hoosh, we would only be using Marketo for very basic email campaigns. Working with an experienced partner like Hoosh gives us the tools and expertise to get the maximum benefit out of our investment in Marketo and use the platform in a much more sophisticated way. It has been fantastic.”

Implementation Plan

  • 1

    Discovery & Research

    Discuss best practices from market leaders

    Outcome: Prioritized Automation Plan

  • 2

    Collaborative building

    Outcome: Working Automation

  • 3

    Testing & business unit training

  • 4

    Go live!