Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Jun 10, 2024

On-prem Agent (OPA) 24.0 Release

OPA has been updated with a new version including the following bug fixes and library upgrades:
  • SFTP: Added support for on-premise SFTP.
  • SAP: Removed the metadata cache for IDoc types. All required data is now retrieved on-demand from the SAP server. This change saves agent memory and improves operational consistency.
  • SAP: Added support for SAP JCo version 3.1.9 (2024-03-19), including the sapjco3.jar and corresponding native binary libraries. While Workato recommends using the latest version of SAP JCo with OPA, we still support older JCo versions with the major release 3.0.0 in partial compatibility mode.
  • SAP: Added support for more precise identification of the Distribution Model for Inbound IDocs.
  • Security: Updated libraries according to the OWASP scanner recommendations.
  • Cloud logging: Fixed a bug that caused log spamming when debugging was enabled.

See the OPA release notes for this and previous updates to OPA.

Jun 10, 2024

Addition of option to send email notification for assigned tasks and task URL datapill

When assigning a task to a user or user group in a Workflow App recipe, you can now select if you would like to send an email notification or not. 

Additionally, a request’s dataset now includes a Task URL. This URL can be retrieved from a Search requests action, within the Active Task object.

Jun 10, 2024

Expanded flexibility for Workflow Apps data tables

Workflow Apps data tables can now have a maximum of 100 columns, versus 50 columns previously.

Additionally, checkboxes and dropdowns can now serve as purely page controls and not be linked to a table column, to preserve data columns and increase readability of the table.

Jun 6, 2024

Addition of “connection lost” values to the Embedded API connection methods

When interacting with the Embedded API connection methods, there are now two values returned to help understand when and how a connection was lost: connection_lost_at and cconnection_lost_reason.

Jun 6, 2024

Expansion of Developer APIs for connector management

New endpoints have been added to expand the resources of the developer API, with connection management in mind. Read more about the new endpoints in our documentation:

Jun 3, 2024

Configure any input field with Copilot

You can now ask Copilot to determine the suitable datapills for your input configuration fields, alleviating the heavy lifting of sorting through the hundreds or thousands of available datapills in any given recipe. To yield the best generation, we recommend providing as much context about the data and any formatting.

Recipe Copilot must be enabled in the workspace to utilize this functionality. This functionality receives data about your current recipe, which may include metadata about custom fields in your systems, but does not receive any job data.

May 29, 2024

Revamp of Workspace Admin Settings Menu

Several changes have been made to provide clarity about each setting, and promote discoverability of settings that could serve your needs. These settings can be found in Workspace admin > Settings.

  • Renaming of Profile tab to General
    • Addition of Workspace email display
    • Migrated Session timeout duration from personal profile to workspace settings
  • Renaming of Authentication provisioning tab to Authentication, with new subsections of Login methods and SCIM provisioning
  • Renaming of Project notifications tab to Error alerts
  • Separation of Debugging into Network trace and Log streaming tabs
  • Renaming of Key management tab to Encryption keys
  • Renaming of Secrets management to External secrets manager
  • Renaming of Advanced settings to Amazon Web Services IAM
  • Introduction of environment tags (Dev, Test, Prod) on environment-specific settings

Available features vary depending on purchased add-ons and privilege levels determined by role-based access control.

May 23, 2024

UI Enhancements for API Collections and Endpoints

API collections and endpoints have been updated with the following UI enhancements:

  • Updated endpoint UI to include request & response schema, recipe actions, and key endpoint configuration that previously required opening the recipe separately to see
  • New endpoint settings tab to provide a persistent view of key endpoint configuration settings, without having to navigate into the 'edit endpoint' pop-up
  • Updated collections UI with new icons to easily distinguish API recipe collections and API proxy collection
May 20, 2024

CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Support

Workato is thrilled to announce support for Cyberark's suite of secret management products: Conjur Cloud, Conjur Enterprise, and Conjur Open Source!
With these new secret managers users can reference stored secrets from Conjur directly rather than hardcoding credentials on new connections. Additional benefits of Conjur include:
  • On-prem secrets management: Connect Conjur to a running on-prem group (Conjur Enterprise / Conjur Open Source) for a full on-prem configuration
  • Credential rotation: Call the clear_cache API to retrieve the latest secret versions if credential rotation is enabled on Conjur
May 20, 2024

On-prem Agent (OPA) 23.2 Release

OPA has been updated with a new minor version including the following bug fixes and library upgrades:
  • Security: updated Java runtime and libraries according to OWASP scanner recommendations.
  • Database: fixed bug when agent becomes unresponsive when database request is canceled.
  • Cloud logging: improved data transfer algorithm to reduce losses when a lot of messages appear.
  • Linux: fixed bug where logs were not produced after package upgrade.

See the OPA release notes for this and previous updates to OPA.