Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Nov 28, 2023

Navigate faster than ever with our Workspace settings and profile settings split!

We've revamped our navigational experience by separating workspace related settings from your personal profile settings. Our new Workspace admin tab is your go-to tab to find all environment related features such AI usage, Secrets Management, Key management, Audit Log Streaming, and more!

The personal profile tab on the other hand houses your personal information such as your name, email, workspace memberships and is the place you go to configure 2FA for your own account!

Nov 22, 2023

Introducing AssistIQ – Your Smart Product Companion!

AssistIQ is a new in-product companion with all the resources you need to succeed in Workato. With AssistIQ, users can discover the latest updates, search docs, discover new features, explore new automation ideas, and register for webinars without leaving the current page or task.

To give maximum flexibility, users can move their documentation search window anywhere they like, allowing them to navigate documentation while building all from the same window.

AssistIQ will show each user content based on their interests, journey with Workato, and persona, ensuring the content is always relevant. Check it out today by clicking on the AssistIQ button in the lower right of the Workato UI!


Batch publish and new API for Workato PubSub

We are releasing two Workato PubSub updates to more efficiently handle large volumes of events:

First, the new batch publish action allows you to send a batch of up to 100 events to a PubSub topic within one action. It's a valuable addition the Workato PubSub connector to go alongside the existing batch trigger.

Second, the PubSub API was moved to a totally new microservice resulting in increased throughput and up to a 50% latency decrease. The new API is now available on a new domain, Note that the old API version is still in operation and that both versions share the same auth tokens, data format, and endpoints to make it simple to migrate to the new API.


Custom webhook responses for custom connectors

With custom webhook responses, Workato Connector SDK developers can now build webhook triggers with custom responses to ensure triggers conform to their destination application.

This allows developers to create real-time triggers to applications like Microsoft, Facebook, and Adobe that require targets to respond in a specific format, making the Workato Connector SDK even more flexible.

This feature is available today for any dynamic webhook triggers created with the Workato Connector SDK.

Nov 16, 2023

Community Connectors: What’s new in October

We've released 15 new or updated connectors, including Trustcruit, streamlining recruitment feedback loops, and HeyMarket, enabling batch imports from Salesforce. We've also fine-tuned the SmartRecruiters connector, adding new actions related to job and candidate properties, enhanced the universal GraphQL connector, and more. Read our full update here.


Private communities now ready for EU data center

Our Embedded Private Community feature is now available in all of Workato's data centers, including US, EU, JP, SG, and AU data centers. With Private Community, users can choose the apps and recipes customers see as they browse for community recipes.


Streamline asset management with new filtering options

Discover assets more efficiently with our enhanced filters. Previously, you could only filter assets by type and status. Now, you can also filter by apps, recipe trigger, and editors.

Nov 6, 2023

Enhanced file operations in the FileStorage UI

With the latest UI updates, managing your files is now easier than ever. Users can:

  • Download and Upload multiple files directly from the UI
  • Create, organize and search files and directories
  • Move, rename and delete files, and delete directories
  • Quickly preview files for easy checking
Nov 3, 2023

On-prem Agent (OPA) 22.0 Release

Our OPA is now available as a docker image, giving an additional method of deploying on-prem agents.
Additionally, we've made a number of updates to enhance OPA security:
  • Security: updated Java runtime to version 17.0.9+9.
  • MySQL: updated JDBC driver to version 8.2.0.
  • Monitoring: fixed initialization error when starting agent with monitoring feature enabled.
  • Hardening: fixed rare reconnection bug when using a proxy.
  • Hardening: fixed memory consumption for long-running agents.
  • Configuration: reduced default graceful shutdown timeout to 30 seconds.

See the OPA release notes for this and previous updates to OPA.

Oct 30, 2023

TableStorage Download as CSV

We are excited to announce that data tables in Workato TableStorage can now be downloaded as a CSV! This allows users to extract data stored in Workato TableStorage as CSVs and easily import to popular apps such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets with protection against formula injection.