Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Mar 2, 2023

Jumpstart your Workato journey with Accelerators

Accelerate your automations’ time to value with pre-packaged solutions. Accelerators offer frameworks and best practices for common patterns like data hub, AI/ML-powered automations, robust error, exception handling, and more.

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Automation ideas for 350+ connectors

Get inspired by popular use case recipes, now available with connectors in the community library. Simply reuse them as they are—or tweak the recipes to fit your needs.

Now available to US customers. Support for users in Europe, Asia and Japan coming soon.


What’s new with connectors: February edition

We have updated the field labels for this connector to be more consistent with field labels in NetSuite’s UI, so it’s easier to use.

We’ve introduced a new bulk trigger “Export new/updated issue” for higher throughput and performance when working with a large number of issues.

We have a new Workday action that allows you to list custom object definitions and define them as you like.

A new, simpler set of triggers and actions have been released, following HubSpot’s latest API version.

Microsoft Sharepoint/Dynamics 365
We’ve added a new type of authentication on top of OAuth: Client Credentials. This is useful for users who want to interact with Workato as an app, not an individual user.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
We’ve introduced a new bulk trigger, “Export new/updated records”. It can process an unlimited number of CSV records.

You can now create tables, get tables, create worksheets, and delete rows in your recipes.

Feb 28, 2023

Enhanced Workato Event Streams (PubSub) admin UI with control and monitoring capabilities

The new Workato Event Stream (PubSub) admin UI comes with an activity log for greater visibility—as well as the ability to preview messages,  change topics' retention period and reset (purge) topics.

Read all about Workato Event Streams in docs.

Feb 23, 2023

Dark mode now available for all users

Users can now choose between light mode, dark mode, or to match your browser’s theme. To change your mode, open your settings page, go to “Account” and scroll down to find “Theme preferences”.

Feb 16, 2023

Longer Python connector timeout

Now three times longer, the new timeout of 90 seconds allows builders to perform more complex data transformations with larger files, using the Python connector.

Feb 15, 2023

SSO access to support site for data centers in EU and APAC

Users in all non-US data centers (EU, SG, JP) can now access our support site using single sign-on (SSO), making it easier to access Automation Institute, participate in forums, and submit support tickets.

Feb 3, 2023

Customizable interface design for Embedded partners

A new theme editor gives Embedded partners more creative reign over their interface design. Apply your brand colors, fonts, and choose between a dark and light theme.

Find more details in its documentation.


New BambooHR triggers and actions

Users can now leverage new BambooHR triggers and actions for HR reports and processing time-off requests.

Check out the full list of BambooHR triggers and actions.


What’s new with connectors: January edition

A small improvement has been made to our Workday freeform XML feature. To make things even easier, you can get syntax highlighting when crafting your XML payload.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
We're finally updating this connector’s name from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365—so you know you're getting the latest version of the software.

To solve the occasional timeout issue with the new/updated employee trigger, we’ve released a reports-based trigger that aligns with BambooHR's recommendations for fetching large volumes of employee data.

Workato Files
You can now uncompress files up to 500 MB— that's a 200 MB increase from the previous limit!

We've introduced streaming uploads, which means we break down your files into smaller chunks and transfer them over. This means you can now transfer large volume files to Egnyte in your recipes, with ease.

We are removing support for the Splunk connector   since our customers have moved on to other data platforms.

Facebook (or should I say Meta?) is deprecating their v12.0 API so we’ve upgraded us to v15.0.