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You pay for the one workspace and only as many recipes as you want to add on.

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Choose your workspace:

Every workspace comes with

  • Unlimited app/data connectivity
  • Unlimited connections
  • Unlimited recipes
  • Unlimited builders, administrators

*A Workato Workspace is a collaboration space that allows multiple users to build, share, test and run recipes. Recipes are integrations and/or automations that can span multiple apps

Add your tasks:

  • Start as low as 1M tasks
  • Volume discounts available

A task is a unit of work done by Workato on behalf of our customers. For more details, see the FAQ.

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When our customers win, we win. This is why we invest where others haven’t in ensuring Workato not only offers the leading enterprise automation platform but also the resources, support and community today’s businesses require to succeed with automation.
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    unmatched support

    Unmatched support & service to ensure any issue you encounter is immediately addressed & problems are resolved ASAP.


    Access to the largest community of automation leaders so you can network & learn from peers in order to advance the capabilities of your team.


    Industry best practices & operational guidance for your team to benefit from our learned experience working with 1000s of leading businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are tasks?

    A task is a unit of work done by Workato on behalf of our customers. At a recipe level, they are counted when a recipe requests data from, or performs an activity in an application. Tasks are also consumed when API proxy requests and Developer API requests are made.
  • What is a Workspace?

    A Workato Workspace is a collaboration space that allows multiple builders to build, share, test and run recipes. It comes with access to all app connectors and unlimited users within standard roles.
  • Can I get help with onboarding and training?

    Absolutely! We provide a variety of onboarding and training packages to help you and your organization build, test, manage recipes and take advantage of all the capabilities we offer. Please contact us for more information about our Onboarding packages.

  • Are on-premises applications and databases supported?

    Yes, we support on-premises applications, databases and even your own custom application that can be connected with REST, SOAP. To connect to on-premises applications and databases an on-premises gateway is required.
  • What is your data retention policy?

    The Workato Platform plan provides a way to define and configure your data retention policy. Job history, job reports, and ability to re-run jobs depends on the plan you have selected.
  • What happens when task usage shoots up within a recipe?

    For recipes involving high volume of tasks, the pricing model ensures that costs don’t escalate linearly with tasks. Instead, it flattens out the costs of such recipes. This gives our customers more predictable pricing with no surprises, even if they run into recipes that consume significantly high tasks. For more information, contact us.