Epic Scale Enterprise Transformation With Low Code

Vishwas Chouhan, Senior Lead, Enterprise Architect at Kyndryl

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Markus sits down with Vishwas Chouhan, Enterprise Architect at Kyndryl, the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services. Vishwas unravels key insights for businesses undertaking digital transformations, emphasizing the necessity of a 'growth mindset', encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and a proactive attitude towards change. A critical part of this change, he advises, involves simplifying technology footprints and streamlining processes. You’ll hear as he underscores the power of utilizing low-code platforms such as Workato to create more value and agility while closing the gap between technology and business. Lastly, he emphasizes clear governance to maintain balance, especially when scaling digital transformations. The key takeaway from this episode is Vishwas’ insight of the “inverted pyramid,” which looks to a lean technology infrastructure that maximizes the value created for the organization.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • Invert the technological pyramid: By flipping the traditional pyramid of infrastructure and reducing your tech footprint, Vishwas explains how you can catalyze business transformation and increase the value output.

    • Bring down the walls that silo your teams: Fostering a collaborative mindset focusing on end-to-end processes facilitates better alignment across departments, technology, and business. 

    • Low code is a shared language across teams regardless of skill: No-code / low-code platforms enable more stakeholders to work together and democratize development. They foster better communication, and make non-technical folks into engineers, and engineers into business people.  

    • Evolve governance as you evolve technology: A proper governance framework is critical in scaling operations while maintaining stability and preventing chaos. Vishwas highlights that your governance does not need to be set in stone and should change alongside your business and technology needs.

  • About Vishwas

    About Vishwas

    Vishwas Chouhan is an Enterprise Architect at Kyndryl. Vishwas worked for IBM, when in 2021, the company spun their $20B IT services arm out as an independent firm - which was branded as Kyndryl. Vishwas was a key player in that enormous transformation and migration. As a result, he has considerable expertise in handling large-scale infrastructure and managing extensive multi-faceted projects. Throughout his career, he has consistently driven digital transformation, aligning IT strategy with overarching business objectives. 

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “Even though we say technology and business work hand in hand, I see it as technology is always chasing business. What I'm trying to do is trying to reduce that gap. The only way you can reduce the gap is to focus on business delivering value and not spend time writing code.”

    “A low code, no code platform removes friction. It helps your teams speak the same language. You’re converting your developers to business people, and you're converting your business people to engineers. And when you can get that aligned, there's no stopping it.”