Driving Organizational Growth by Thinking in 10X Terms

Sridevi Pasumarthi, Head Of Business Technology at Gusto

Episode Summary

In this episode, Markus Zirn and Sridevi Pasumarthi discuss the transformative power of automation on business challenges and the pivotal role of AI in its enhancement. Drawing insights from her experience at prominent companies like Slack, Arlo, Checkr, and Gusto, she illustrates how automation can be a game-changer when positioned aptly. They talk about the evolution from the traditional CIO role to innovation-driven business technology positions, exploring the shifting expectations for modern technology leaders. Sridevi advises on the importance of developing a ‘10X mindset’, urging companies to always consider scalability and envision solutions that effortlessly handle ten times their current scale.

  • Episode Key Takeaways

    Episode Key Takeaways

    • CIO's evolution toward business technology: The traditional CIO role is changing. CIOs must shift focus from system maintenance to strategic partnership in steering business technology. 

    • Embrace a ‘10X mindset’: Always consider scalability—envision your solution handling 10 times its current load. Start big, focusing on future growth. Automation isn't just for now; it's about preparing for the future.

    • Focus on business first, technology second: The common focus of technologists is on technology - but the real impact comes from thinking about the business impact as the first step, rather than trying to make the business fit the tech.

    • Automation's wide-reaching impact on business processes: Drawing from experiences from working at Slack, Arlo, Checkr, and Gusto, Sridevi illustrates how automation effectively addresses unique business challenges.

    • Thinking about automation as experience: While many think about automation as efficiency or cost savings, Sridevi advises listeners to rethink it as fuel for experiences - for the customer, the prospect, and more.

  • About Sridevi

    About Sridevi

    Sridevi Pasumarthi is the Head Of Business Technology at Gusto. She is an IT executive with 20+ years of experience in digital transformation, information systems, scaling organizations, driving growth, improving customer experience, and leading companies through IPO/M&A. Sri has extensive experience building high-performing and globally dispersed teams for Fortune 50 enterprises and high-growth start-ups. Her expertise spans IT, enterprise systems, facilities, customer support, and more.

  • Top Quotes

    Top Quotes

    “There's an expectation that if you do AI, that directly will impact gross margin. So your mindset is almost like a GM, where you're thinking about what you do for your company, what you do through your IT and business systems, and how you impact either the top line or the bottom line.”

    “I always say business first and technology follows. It is so important to understand the purpose. How are you bringing value to the organization? How are you providing that service to your internal customers or external customers, and understanding the business models? It is integral to how you develop your own roadmap to support that growth.”